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Whatcha listening to? I asked myself what suited my mood. X immediately came to mind. I don’t listen to a lot of punk.

Got up and danced. Looked at some photos on my door. Thought of so many X shows and shot. None recently. That door is closed.

I close my eyes and start dancing. Or look at images of them while dancing. Here and there. Everyone. On and off stage.

Add the FACT the woman who named me “Jenny Lens” is THE woman in “Los Angeles.” About MY home town.

X describes my life, certainly in late 1970s. Perhaps more relevant today.

In real life, with visual proof, we were there together. Brings added dimension to X the band their songs for me.

Written by the folks who perfectly captured life as we knew it.

On the brink of the Decline we are living in. #X #LosAngeles#DeclineOfWesternCivilization

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