Women MUST Credit Other Women!

BITCH USED MY EXENE PHOTO (and others) WITH NO CREDIT. I ain’t crediting her!

THIS BREAKS MY HEART! KILLS ME!! WHY don’t women credit OTHER women when they use THEIR art that cost them money and time and was HARDER to create than merely drawing??

WHY do we ONLY honor Performers and Writers, but rarely Photographers? WHY are performers and writers treated better and paid more?

Photographers spent MONEY and TIME and it’s HARD shooting crazy rock shows.

IN 1974, Judy Chicago and Mimi Shapiro spearheaded “Anonymous was a Woman” at CalArts. I have both the poster and catalog. I earned my MFA (Master of Fine Arts) at CalArts. I participated in Judy’s DINNER PARTY.

ALL these years later, NOTHING CHANGED!!

MY EXENE AGAIN USED WITHOUT CREDIT OR PERMISSION! It is AWFUL when ppl use other people’s art for their art. Who else took the original photos which this thoughtless, selfish woman stole for her name and fame?

Sadly, she’s a teacher. She is NOT teaching basic ethics nor respect nor VARA (Visual Artists RIGHTS Act).

I am telling it like it is. People LOVE my work, but don’t credit or pay me, and then I BEG for money to keep it going.

WE WOMEN should be better than that! WOMEN took some of these photos. WE should have OUR names out there too!!

It was CRAZY shooting Exene during Decline filming. LOOK at that film!! The woman with black and magenta hair, up front, is ME.

WHEN do the women who TOOK PHOTOS ON THE FRONT LINE get credit and PAYMENT???

I just want to die. You think I’m joking? I am so tired of this life. Working so hard for what?

So others use my work and give me lip service?

(Other than a few who are generous, supportive women who walk the walk.)

Not just the performers!

But ALL of us who actually created something ppl SEE and USE and RIP OFF should be credited.

I speak for ALL the female punk photographers, not just I! IT COST MONEY and TIME and WAS HARD!

How can we inspire others if we don’t honor those hard working photographers who NEED the credit and money? Why should anyone follow in our footsteps, wish they were US if they really knew the truth of some of our lives.

I WISH I WERE DEAD. Every day, I inch closer to that … I am so tired of standing up for OUR legal rights.

We women must do better for each other!

This POS was on Tumblr. I am not gonna be polite about bitches whose art is based on HARD WORKING WOMEN without bothering to track us down and CREDIT US.

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