Why I Will NOT Write Another Book!

I will never write a book again. I will not post long stories about my photos or punk memories on social media or my site.

I am ALL about making life EASIER FOR YOU.

You can go to ONE site, see ALL the topics listed, click to listen, see vids or see photos.

You can get updates and additional stories and photos, unlike a book. A book is set in stone. Online is flexible, with built-in growth options. Social media is like pissing in a flowing river. If you miss it, you miss it.

I created an oral history with photos on my site. Only for those who value my time and become paying members.

Cost is less than a beer or few. This takes expensive electronic gear which goes way beyond a smartphone. This takes more time than anyone can imagine to display photos with stories (or even just post photos!).

ANY idea how many times I’ve told stories and posted most requested photos, repeatedly through the years? Too many to count. Social media is not searchable, without archival properties. Many times I simply could not post photos and stories because I had work to do. Why should I work for nothing for over 45  years?

Want a podcast? How frustrated would you be if I’m describing photos at an event, show, party, whatever and you cannot see the photos?

Or you see the photos online and someone made up the dates or misnamed the people in the photo. Which happens all the time cos people are too lazy to drop me a line and ask for details. And frankly, at this point in my life, enough is enough of that!

Books are just too effin’ hard. The stories wrap around each other. How to tell true tall tales? Linear? Circular?

COST OF PRINTING is prohibitive.

I could create for Kindle. But how many punk fans use Kindles? Although I guess people can use on phones. And I do not want to deal with Amazon at this time. Not for punk!

I could never ever afford the time to write a book. Again. I’d end up more in debt than I am. It’s extremely time consuming. I already did a book and the editor re-wrote every word. So I’d only do a self-published book. But again, how? Why?

I won’t give my life back to punk again. I’m excited about new art and courses I want to create. Plus I worked so hard on existing courses. Anyone can learn from me, any time, anywhere. Whether punk, art, digital tools and much more.

Finally, ANY idea the amount of time that effective marketing takes? Especially on no money?

I only have a few years left. I’ve sacrificed enough to the altar of punk fans. Seriously, I’ve been defamed, ripped off, hurt in ways unimaginable.

So if you made it this far, you might begin to understand or know why I will not do another book. And please, please, please stop asking me to write a book. That is so old school!

I’m all about progress and keeping costs down for everyone. Keep on rockin’!