Wattles Park Birthday Party, Tomata du Plenty, Liara May 28, 1979

Wattles Park Birthday Party for Screamer Tomata du Plenty, and Liara, w/her sister, Chase Holiday, May 28, 1979.

RARE daytime event for LA Punks! Great, colorful fashions, predicting 1980s colors, prom dresses, chiffons, layers, etc. Pre-dating Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. Top photo is a fuzzy scan. Pre-dates MTV and the 1980s! WE SET TRENDS in LA. But the media always paid more attention to New York. We did it first and better. Said as a loyal LA native!

A beloved image of Liara, Tomata du Plenty, and Liara’s sister, Chase Holiday. A man walked into the park with his pet wild bird. We in awe with it. I love Tomata’s intense blue eyes. A perfect moment, before we lost Liara and Tomata. Seen in my hardcover coffee table solo photo book from Rizzoli, “PUNK PIONEERS.” This image is best quality because professionally scanned high res. Other images could look this good if scanned properly.

I don’t know who are adorable sitting couple. I fell in love with their red, black and white clothes and great smiles the minute I saw them.

Note Academy Awards 2014 Production Design Nominee KK Barrett (for Her), former Screamers drummer, and his future and present wife, Trudie Arguelles, in her green Girl Scout uniform. Trudie looks beautiful as always, and KK with light blonde hair.

I’ve many other beloved photos from this day, but not scanned. Enjoy these few gems. The way we were.

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  1. Hi, I am an interior designer participating in the showcase house going on at Wattles Mansion, an artist friend of mine is painting a portrait of the Screamers for our assigned space. I can’t guess if Tomata would like the interior design work, but I wanted to make sure the band was represented in the Wattles again.

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