Tom Petty, Whisky Debut, February 1977

Tom Petty, Whisky Debut, February 1977WOW, some great expressions! I am stunned and emotional. First time ever seeing them. Hope you feel what I am feeling now, which is WHY I took these. Good times!

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I did NOT include ALL these in my store pages. There’s a lot and can be overwhelming. But some Tom Petty fans wanted to see more of my images. Took 90 minutes to do … so please don’t think the computer does everything quickly and easily.

THAT is why I also TEACH online (years of real world in classrooms, huge computer conferences, and one-on-one). If YOU want to learn tips and tricks, head over to my Workshops!!

(Sorry about some of the watermarks, esp on faces. I just got GREAT SCANS for fine prints! I will lighten some of their faces. THIS is why it takes so long: scanning and making them look hawt. Just for you!).)

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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the Whisky, February 1977, Jenny Lens, mfa
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the Whisky, February 1977, Jenny Lens, mfa (TomPetty2-7)

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