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joe strummer, the clash, dee dee ramone, the ramones, jenny lens
Joe Strummer, lead singer and songwriter of the Clash, 1980. SMC. Dee Dee Ramone, bassist and songwriter of the Ramones, Jenny Lens, MFA, Whisky, 1977. (Songs written by members of both groups.)

Photo FAQs: PLEASE read this before writing me! 

I keep my prices low by working efficiently and posting the most asked info here. Thank you.

ALL prints are MUSEUM quality, archival inks and papers!

Process: I carefully color correct, crop, send via net for prints, (limited edition only: sign and number, create and print Certificate of Authenticity), weigh, online postage with delivery confirmation (USA), package and walk to postal drop off to mail. FLAT CARDBOARD, not rolled in tubes!


After labs LOST my Dueling Guitars Joan Jett and Lita Ford strip (6 negs) and scratched my pristine John Denney’s Weirdos, cost 10 times as much, printed erratically (BEST LA labs), treated me like I was bothering them (although not busy and eventually ALL closed in my large entertainment/creative neighborhood)… I said, digital all the way. Museums and galleries, and top photographers, switched to digital years ago. I use major, professional labs. 


Limited edition means ONLY a certain number of prints from ONE kind of paper, and identical images from same lab.

Color and Black and White Limited Edition OR Open prints on archival Kodak Lustre photo paper. For Black and White, its range of gray tones are very similar to prints from negs. 

Sales Tax:

I do not ‘charge’ sales tax, but I ‘collect’ state 10.25% tax if you are in California.


I mail, via USPS.com, all over the world. No delivery confirmation nor tracking overseas.

I mail in clear, archival photo bags, sandwiched between layers of cardboard in Priority flat boxes. The whole process can take at least 3-4 weeks.

I charge a flat fee $15 for USA. I consult usps.com for international.

IF you prefer FedEx or UPS, I will charge an extra fee because it involves extra work. Plus often, online or on the phone quotes are LESS than when I actually ship them.

I don’t trust FedEx for accurate pricing. I’ve been stung because what they quote on the phone or online is usually less than when I take it to a real FedEx shipping store.

Usually takes THREE to FOUR weeks to get a print. They are printed across the country, sent to me, I sign, number, include a signed certificate of authenticity, and then shipped. Most orders are between one and two pounds because I pack w/several layers of cardboard.

I will need for shipping (I will not share this info):

  1. Name
  2. Address (full, complete mailing address)
  3. International customers: PLS write me with shipping info PRIOR to placing an order! I CANNOT calculate postage without FULL, complete address using online usps.com calculator unless I have FULL, complete address and phone!
  4. Contact phone number (USPS.com requires phone number for international shipping)
  5. Email address. NOT Facebook. I am transitioning away from Facebook because they are charging to “promote” posts. IF I pay for friends and fans see my Facebook posts, I have to pass along the costs to customers. I will not do that!

Collectors: please be very specific about your questions AFTER reading ALL this. I love to read your personal stories.  Thank you!

Licensing for editorial, commercial or merch usage, INCLUDE DETAILS:
Deadline, specs (all: dpi, height AND width in pixels, inches, cm), budget, payment process (invoicing, PayPal, wire transfer, etc). Write me to discuss your budget and time frame. INCLUDE INFO REQUESTED INFO IN INITIAL EMAIL.

Please be very specific which group or images you seek. I MUST have this info to move forward.

IF you find other photos posted, whether on an old site of mine or elsewhere, or in books, mags BUT not in the store, they are probably not scanned and may not be available. Write me  and I’ll respond if prints can be made.

I work VERY hard to provide the best prints possible and at affordable prices. 

IF I didn’t answer your question, or ANY problems, please write me.

Thank you. I look forward to serving you. 

Worldwide Photo Print Shipping: READ FIRST

Write Jenny if outside USA. Pls include COMPLETE shipping address. Whatever USPS charges, you pay.

Museum Quality Photo Printing

Kodak archival inks and paper from a top professional lab

Most published early west coast punk photographer

I only photographed from 1976-80

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