So You Wanna Be a Rock N Roll Photographer? Snap That Pic!

So you wanna be a rock ‘n’ roll photographer? Hang out with the band? Wear laminates and get in everywhere? See your photos and name  out there? “Snap that Rock Pic. Watch today, shoot tonight, get famous.”

I created “Snap that Rock Pic QuickStart Workshop” overview to save you many hours and possibly hundreds of dollars. It’s THE QuickStart you need to stand out from the crowd!

I’m the most published early, first gen punk rock photographer. I share many insider tips, essential for fun and success.

The list might look long and detailed, but I keep it breezy. Way better than running around in circles not knowing how to move forward better.
Topics touch on:
1. Cameras vs Phones
2. Cameras, flashes and most importantly, which lens(es) are best
3. Auto settings vs Manual settings: Overview of camera and lens settings, useful for all photos
4. Pros and Cons of Digital vs Film
5. Getting access to venues and bands
6. Networking before, during and after shows and events
7. Social Media
8. Getting published online and print
9. Dealing with photo agencies
10. Dealing with galleries and exhibits
11. Options for posting your photos online
12. Options for selling prints online
13. Selling products and merch
14. Legal issues: protecting your work and not getting sued
15. Insurance, real life assistants, virtual assistants and more
16. Most importantly: Having FUN and Creating Memories to last a lifetime!

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Do it before you get busy and forget like we all do #amirite

If you dream of being the band photographer or shooting for local and/or online publications, wonder how and why some people get access you are stuck on the sidelines, you gotta watch this NOW! You wanna get started NOW so you are ready when your fave band or when there’s a cool op to show your stuff.

“Snap that Rock Pic: watch today, shoot tonight, and get famous.” Most think they only have to show up with a camera and soon realize it’s more complicated than that. Others know wassup and have a blast. What’s your story? Wanna gain fab insider tips so it’s less stressful and more fun? Start now.

Do it now cos this special price will not last forever. People told me to charge $50 minimum. But I know what it’s like to be on a budget.

Heck, this is less than a decent 6 pack of good beer. But this buzz will last longer. Go for it!

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Most published early west coast punk photographer

I only photographed from 1976-80

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