How Can I Serve You?

Photography Lessons

Are you confused by all the dials on your camera? Just keep it on Auto and hope for the best? Wonder how others take stunning photos?

Learn from the best! I’m a real rockstar photographer. Become the rockstar photographer of your dreams. Only with my expert guidance.

I’ve created three course at DreamingBig.Rocks just for you! 

Or drop me a note, but be very detailed about your experience and goals. I’ll be glad to advise you which course or courses are best for you. 

Plus I offer private coaching.

Please Contact me to determine your needs, time and budget.

Web Design

I’ve created sites for over 25 years. Let me guide you in all aspects of Web Design:

  • How to choose best software for your needs: Squarespace, WordPress or Wix.
  • eCommerce: compare and contrast Shopify, Shopify Lite, and WooCommerce with WordPress.
  • How to attract, engage and convert visitors into loyal customers and clients.
  • Save you many frustrating hours and wasted money by strategizing what is the best app for your needs.
  • Advise you on required and suggested content.
  • How to organize content.
  • Copywriting and editing.
  • Where to legally get and prepare assets such as images, video, and audio.
  • Design: colors, images, layout and more.

Please Contact me to determine your needs, time and budget.

I’ve created a wide array of cool, informative, easy, fun, productive courses sharing my secrets!

  • Learn how to finally use or buy your DSLR camera, which body and lenses to buy and best settings for your needs.
  • No camera? Just a phone or tablet? You’ll still gain great tips. You might decide to get a camera, knowing what cool images you can create.
  • Save hours of hard work when you you learn how to easily organize, find and use photos and/or clip art, rename and export for various social media quickly and efficiently.
  • Create wildly fun and marketable images using powerful software made easy with step by step projects.
  • Get valuable but hard to find tips on designing your site (not building, but the look and feel that attracts people and keeps them on your site(s), ecommerce and more.
  • Plus dealing with tech headaches and insecurities.
  • Learn about art, color, layout, typography and other designing tips that will set YOUR creations above others! Be more confident making art. Unlike most courses, you will learn from a REAL world famous artist, with unique education and experiences.
  • Finally, the most fun of all: be inspired to make your own illustrations as cards: tarot, oracle, affirmation, yoga, greeting, trading cards, whatever.
  • Let’s have FUN and gain valuable, useful art and tech skills!

When I taught at colleges, people paid more than 10 times as much and didn’t have fun like we do now! 

Come join the fun at Dreaming Big Rocks!

Due to severe lock-down restrictions, in-person lessons and one-on-one in person coaching is delayed until further notice. I am available for online Coaching

Photography Services include but are not limited to: Event Photography and Headshots

Please Contact me to discuss your needs, time and budget. 

Photography and Web Design education and background

I’m the most published early punk rock photographer, west coast.

  • My work in museums, galleries, collected by top celebrities and everyday folks like you, documentaries, books, magazines, online, merch and more.
  • I earned BA in Art, CSUN and MFA in Design, CalArts prior to taking photos. Both with high honors. Plus Certificate in Computer Graphics, UCLA post-punk.
  • Taught at UCLA, Santa Monica College and numerous other schools, vocational schools and computer training centers.
  • Creating websites since 1995.