Screamers Debut May 28, 1977, Unforgettable!

Screamers5-28-77-1-400wScreamers hitting liquor store before their world premiere debut.  May 28, 1977 at Steve Samioff’s loft. He was publisher of Slash Magazine (way before the record company). One of THE most memorable experiences in the lives of those present who knew we were witnessing one of THE BEST bands ever. Certainly the best unrecorded band of all time. Seeing them was always a feast for the senses. Claude “Kick Boy” Bessy, my fave LA punk. One of my all-time fave people. He was zee coolest Frenchman ever!

Screamers5-28-77-2-400wScreamers debut, May 28, 1977. I LOVE these images! This is Tomata du Plenty at his best. He was charismatic and mesmerizing, on and off stage. Everyone loved Tomata, RIP. Seen in my hardcover coffee table solo photo book from Rizzoli, “PUNK PIONEERS.”

Screamers5-28-77-3-400wScreamers debut, May 28, 1977. Several never before seen images, mostly low res scans from proof sheets. Have fun!

Screamers5-28-77-4-400wScreamers debut, May 28, 1977Several never before seen images, mostly low res scans from proof sheets. Have fun!
Screamers5-28-77-5-400wPerhaps THE most iconic photo of the Screamers (large image, second from bottom). Seen on bootlegs, magazines, books, documentaries. THE centerfold in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s catalog for their Punk: from Chaos to Couture fashion gala show, 2013.

Do you know what it’s like to wake up to an email from the MET???? I thought I died and went to heaven. I was a traditionally trained and real life fine artist, having earned my BA in Art and Master of Fine Arts degrees before I ever picked up a camera and photographed punk.

To think I have a piece used by METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART! OH MY GAWD!!!

Also in my hardcover coffee table solo photo book from Rizzoli, “PUNK PIONEERS.”

The other images are scanned from proof sheets, hence their lower quality.

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