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Screamers Roxy, Tomata du Plenty, Sheila Edwards, July 20 1979THE SCREAMERS WERE THE GREATEST onstage and off! I’ve TONS of ah-mazing photos. Tomata du Plenty was everywhere. There’s so much I want to share, but it’s been a tough week, redesigning this site from the ground up, adding tons of content. So lemme just say: everything you’ve ever read or heard about the Screamers is true. They were special, beyond words, memorable shows, but equally memorable at parties, their home, on the street, anywhere. They had CHARISMA, creativity, energy, and an air of mystery. I loved them so much, and it shows in my photos, esp so many never seen. “In a perfect world, we would all be made to feel important.” I might have mangled the lyrics, not in the mood to listen to a bootleg (which used MY photos, hmm) to verify lyrics. Close enough. It’s the spirit of the Screamers and the times, not the verbatim quote, which is important.

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