Punk Pioneers by Jenny Lens, MFA. Blondie (2/77), Dee Dee Ramone backstage Whisky with Jenny Lens (2/77), Terry Graham (Bags, Gun Club) and Belinda Go-Go in trash bag (8/77), Randettes (Alice Bag, Exene, Connie Clarksville, Sheila, Trudie T Rudie, Nickey Beat and where is Spazz Attack?) (3/78), Whisky, Go-Go’s, Starwood backstage (1/80), Exene, Decline filming, Club 88 (3/80),The CLASH!, England (6/80), and Rodney Bingenheimer and Joan Jett (1980). Just a tiny fraction of my archive, 1976-80.

Those who help keep this punk archive alive (NOT just photos, but mags and more), I send my eternal gratitude.

I know some are struggling financially. I get it.

Why am I posting this? Cos I’ve spent a lotta time and lost a LOTTA money dealing with my punk archive. Trying to find a home for it.

Shall I die and it remains homeless? No, I’m not donating it. That’s rude to me. Why should YOU have the fruits of my labor which put me into debt many times and I get nothing? FU.

So All of you who love my work but don’t support the artist, you are mean and selfish. Why can’t you bother to post my pix and tell ppl? Why won’t you tell ppl to remember my pix for gifts or home/office decor. You don’t throw a few bucks my way. What is WRONG with you? I never made money. #GetReal.

This archive is endangered due to FINANCES. I’ve put myself into debt COS OF MY PUNK PIX. #Truth

The rest of you, who haven’t Donated or bought or even shared many times? You expect art for free and the buck stops there. #ShameOnYou.

Donate to Jenny Lens Punk Archival Legal Fund.

I’m focused on teaching. I love it. I’m good at it. How many will tell people about my classes?

People wonder why I wonder if life worth living. I have these amazing, truly rockstar, movie star, ups and downs of Hollywood, rock memories. Photos and more. But ya can’t build a life on memories.

So with that, enjoy! Go to PunkPioneers.com to see and read about ’em.

If you wanna help keep it alive, thank you. If not… what the eff is wrong with you? Think these are free? Someone had to pay and pay and pay.

The world’s a mess, it’s in my kiss. We’re desperate, get used to it. I’m so bored with the U.S.A. Wish someone would beat on the brat with a baseball bat so I don’t feel or think about anything. There’s a hole in my heart the size of my heart.

Donate to Jenny Lens Punk Archival Legal Fund.

#PunkPioneers #JennyLensMFA #Blondie #DeeDeeRamone #Whisky #BelindaGoGoTrashBag #Randettes #AliceBag #Exene #ConniClarksville #SheilaEdwards #Trixie #TrudieTRudie #KKBarrett #NickeyBeat #SpazzAttack #GoGos #Starwood #TheClash #England #RodneyBingenheimer #JoanJett (c) Jenny Lens 1976-80

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