Screamers Bus Bench, Gower Gulch, April 1977


The Screamers on Bus Bench. Gower Gulch, Spring 1977. Totally spontaneous. Just a typical day in Hollywood at Sunset and Gower, location of the earliest westerns. The first punks encountered a “little old lady” waiting for the bus. “Violent World” was an infamous Screamers song. #ScreamersOnBusBench #GowerGulch #TomataDuPlenty #TomatoDuPlenty #KKBarrett #TommyGear #JennyLens #PunkPioneersDotCom #PunkPioneers #PunkPioneersJennyLens #PunkPhotosForSale

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The Screamers on Bus Bench. Gower Gulch, Spring 1977

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with Jenny Lens, MFA, most published 1st gen punk photog, west coast, 1976-1980

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