Led Zeppelin, LA Forum, June 25, 1977 (Robert1)


Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin, LA Forum, June 25, 1977. I love colored lighting gels that “paint” areas. Punk usually was lit with plainly, no colored gels. Or gels were overpowering, and rarely this defining. This image looks painted, with minimal illumination. The colored light gives shape to this image, from the curls on Robert Plant’s gorgeous, lush hair down his clothes and body. Yummy. Whole Lotta Love!

I photograph and think like a fine artist.I earned art degrees before I picked up a camera.

“Led Zeppelin’s 1977 North American Tour was the eleventh and final concert tour of North America by the English rock band.” (per Wikipedia).

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Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, LA Forum, June 25, 1977, Jenny Lens, PunkPioneers.com
Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, LA Forum, June 25, 1977, Jenny Lens, PunkPioneers.com

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