Led Zeppelin, Collage Poster Print, 12×18


I was never a Led Zep fan, other than Kashmir. They were huge when I was in college in late 1960s/early 1970s. When I managed to get a photo pass to see them June 1977 at the LA Forum, I was excited. Sadly, one of the most boring shows ever. My best pal in 9th row center, fell asleep! I could have sold the ticket I gave him for lots of money! We just laughed! Jimmy Page stood waaaaay in the back of the high stage at the LA Forum. I loved what he was wearing and sad I could not take better photos of his superb clothes. And that’s rock ‘n’ roll! #1977 #LedZep #RobertPlant #JimmyPage #LAForum #RockPhotos #PunkPioneers #JennyLens #CollagePrint

These unique, limited edition 12 x 18 inch poster sized, archival, museum quality photo prints make great gifts for yourself or others. When you can’t decide which photo to get, choose a collage!

Plus some photos I don’t offer as single prints. Lower priced than usual photos because I prepared them only in this one size. All other prints require time and focus to prepare.


International (outside USA) Shipping: BEFORE ordering, pls write me! COMPLETE shipping address (including Country name!). I then write the Lab with info (not your name) for their international shipping charge. Whatever the Lab charges, I charge. Upon delivery, you pay any VAT or other charges.

Printing process: Lightjet professional prints. Kodak archival paper and inks. This process is the most light-fast, long lasting. Superior results to any silver gelatin or c-prints.

Color and Black/White are printed on gorgeous Lustre paper.