Clash, England, 16 Tons Tour, June 1980, Collage Poster Print, 12×18


My punk photo life was ending, due to years of spending money taking photos and not making any money. But I had to photograph the Clash in England. Their record company booked awful places for them to perform in California.

My Clash in England photos are stunning, amazing, breathtaking. These are my two faves out of hundreds. The bottom image, with the red floor, was supposed to be in their official book. But I never sent it to them due to some personal issues.

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These unique, limited edition 12 x 18 inch poster sized, archival, museum quality photo prints make great gifts for yourself or others. When you can’t decide which photo to get, choose a collage!

Plus some photos I don’t offer as single prints. Lower priced than usual photos because I prepared them only in this one size. All other prints require time and focus to prepare.


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Printing process: Lightjet professional prints. Fuji archival paper and inks. This process is the most light-fast, long lasting. Superior results to any silver gelatin or c-prints.

Color and Black/White are printed on gorgeous Lustre paper.

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