Cheap Trick, Starwood, March 17-19, 1977 (5-36)


Rick Nielsen and Robin Zander, Cheap Trick, The Starwood, March 17-19, 1977 .This photo has so many great details! Rick Nielsen in the air. Love his puffed cheeks, one of Rick’strademarked moves: expressive, funny faces! Robin Zander, eyes closed, smiling intensely, looking stylish and sexy, as always. They both are SO into the moment! THIS is Rock n Roll! and why we LOVE Cheap Trick! (and love evocative, exciting photos).

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Cheap Trick, Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander, Starwood, March 1977, Jenny Lens,
Cheap Trick, Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander, Starwood, March 1977, Jenny Lens,

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