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Patti Smith called me "The Girl with the Camera Eye." Shouted from LA's Roxy stage, pointing to me, Nov 15, 1976. Patti told me "She still dares other photographers to take better photos than I." The Roxy, August 2002.
Patti Smith
"I wish you luck on everything you do and on that website. You were one of the major players from those years. Would be a tragedy if your photos weren't given the platform they deserve. I will hold only good thoughts and wishes for that." ~ Belinda
Belinda Carlisle / Go-Go's
"Jenny Lens is the legendary punk photographer who shot some of the most iconic images of Patti Smith, The Ramones, The Screamers and so many others. She is one of the unsung heroines of the movement. Enjoy!" ~Alice Bag, legendary punk singer and Latina icon. Read Jenny's interview in About section.
Alice Bag
“Jenny, you are the only photographer who takes photos while high on acid which are better than more well known photographers.” ~ Exene
"I considered Jenny Lens as important as any band. We never thanked her back then. Thank you, Jenny" ~ John Denney, Weirdos lead singer and songwriter.
John Denney
"Jenny Lens knows the stories behind her photos. She's the genius behind so many classic photos. Jenny's a great photojournalistic historian of the period. Her photos made me the punk legend I am!" ~ Hellin Killer aka Helena Alicia Roessler
Hellin Killer
Debbie Harry told me she was so proud of me when my photos appeared in New York Rocker. Whisky backstage, April 14, 1977.
Debbie Harry

“How is it that each time you send images they’re amazing shots I’ve never seen before?”

Spring, 2002, from Lisa Corson, former photo editor, Spin magazine (when they used only my Dee Dee Ramone in a towel photo for his obit page). She was photo editor for “We Got the Neutron Bomb,” Three Rivers Press, 2001. More of my photos in that book than any other photographer. She used my photos for “Cinderella’s Big Score,” (about punk and indie women musicians), Avalon. 2004. I answered: because I too have never seen many of these shots, or not since I took them. Until I began selling them, I had NO idea they printed so beautifully.

Jenny Lens photos are in the collection of Drew Barrymore, Linda Ramone (Johnny’s widow), Mickey Leigh (Joey Ramone’s brother), Flea, Rob Zombie and photographer Brad Elterman. Many of my customer’s identity/achievements are not known because some photos are sold in galleries.


Rich COLOR photos absolutely shine due to vivid inks from high-end archival Lightjet/Lambda printer and Kodak Endura Metallic paper. You can’t begin to see shimmering colors in little online posted photos. Black and white Kodak Matte. ARCHIVAL INKS and PAPERS. MUSEUM QUALITY.

ALL photos MUST come directly from OR must have an article and link from my site to any other site. Otherwise they might not be legitimate photos, especially if not signed.

CUSTOMER PRAISES (SOME BOUGHT FOR GIFTS TOO!): [have not updated this list in ages]

“Hi Jenny, I have ADMIRED YOUR WORK FOR YEARS. I curate the Patti Smith Collection at the Mills College Library in the rare book room. The PRINT WILL EVENTUALLY GO INTO THE COLLECTION. I AM HONORED TO HAVE ONE OF YOUR PIECES. best wishes, Robert.”

“Hi Jenny, I got your photo yesterday. It is SO BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much. I will get it framed asap. YOUR WORK IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND MOVING. I will order more soon… best wishes, Robert. April, 2006.”

“Am an old punk (physically only and even then not bad for my age) who came across Punk Pioneers and was very moved by your photography - it was a time of my life that changed me forever - we move as life moves and no one knows how it ends…No I do not know you personally (as facebook requests) but perhaps those of us who felt the same adolescent angst and had it fade away by loving the same music might still “know” each other? Either way, thanks for all the great photos - nice eye - Gary.” (March 5, 2011.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. STELLAR PHOTO. Blondie/Debbie fans check it out. FIRST RATE!!! Larry, Blondie Debbie Harry 1977 Color, (eBay, #200067316056), May, 07.”

GREAT PERSONAL COMMUNICATION AND PACKING! PERFECT PRINT FROM A GREAT ARTIST!! The print arrived in perfect shape! IT’S A CHARMER. Andre, Tom Waits and Trixie, (eBay, #200066180386) Jan, 07.”

YOUR WORK IS TRULY AMAZING. This is a Christmas gift for my sweet boyfriend who spent his youth listening to the Ramones and watching Kamen Rider in his grandparents living room on the Big Island. HAVING AN ORIGINAL PRINT OF HIS TWO GREATEST HEROES TOGETHER WILL BE A GREAT THRILL FOR HIM. In fact, I wish I could afford a copy of each of your prints, because HE IS A BIG FAN OF ALL YOUR WORK. Your photo will be a wonderful reminder of those days. Thanks so much and happy holidays! Rachel, California, Joey and Kamen Rider, Nov, 05.”


“The BRILLIANT, AMAZING, WONDERFUL PHOTO arrived today. It’s TOTALLY GORGEOUS. How clever of you to take such a UNIQUE PICTURE. As predicted, my husband is over the moon with his photo, a birthday present. THANK YOU!!”

“You noted on online listing it was one of your favorite shots and I can see why. YOU REALLY CAUGHT AN AMAZING MOMENT. IT MUST HAVE BEEN FANTASTIC BEING IN THE CROWD AND WITNESSING IT FIRSTHAND. Jenny, Clash Joe Strummer Eng 1980, (eBay, #200065927110), May, 07.”

Jenny, ALWAYS GREAT SHOTS. My son and I love it ! Thank you very much. Carey, Sex Pistols 1978 Color, (eBay #200065904481), (also Clash, Runaways Joan and Lita, Johnny Rotten and Joan Jett), Mar, 07.”

“The PICTURE CAME AND IT ABSOLUTELY RULES. Thanks! Have known of your photographs all my life. Phil, Clash Live, Feb, 07.”

I took it to the framers this afternoon - completely random framer - just happened to be a massive Ramones fan and got very EXCITED OVER YOUR PICTURE. Sandra, Cardiff, UK, Ramones Live 1977, GIFT for her boyfriend, Feb, 2007.”

Hi Jenny, I received your photos, Patti [Smith glowing on her knees] and Joey [by pool], you put up for auction on ebay — and THEY ARE GORGEOUS! I left positive feedback (of course…), but I’d like to say thanks to you, again, this way. I’m really happy and they will be nicely framed and I have to look for a very special place for them!

“Hey, JENNY, YOU TOOK WONDERFUL PICS, I really appreciate your work and lots of people do appreciate it, as well. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FURTHER WORK AND ARCHIVE. Take care, Susanne, Berlin, Germany (#190063820891), Jan, 07.”

“Thanks so much! I can’t wait to frame it; it will make a GREAT HOUSE WARMING GIFT to my friend in NY who is a punk rock fanatic. Monika, Sid Vicious Color, Jan, 07.”

“Thanks Jenny! I was tempted to buy the photo for myself, but BOUGHT IT AS A PRESENT FOR A FRIEND and I can’t wait to give it to him. He’s going to LOVE IT. Christine, Blondie Debbie Harry 1977, March 06.”

“I can’t wait to get it framed! It is BEAUTIFUL! Tish, Cherie Currie, 1977, GIFT for her husband, Feb, 2007.”



[Doubtful I will EVER sell another photo on eBay. Too expensive and time consuming. Plus when someone sold my photos on his store, and there was a problem, let’s say eBay didn’t work it out, to my expensive financial and time loss. So it goes!]


  1. Michelle

    Jenny’s work takes me immediately back to a vital, wonderful time of life, when we chose our family and danced hard. NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE GOTTEN THESE SHOTS. Jenny, on the inside looking out.

    • Jenny Lens

      Michelle and I were at so many events, shows, parties and more. You can see her (and I) in Decline of Western Civilization. The first one, the punk one. We’re at X. Filmed less than a mile where I now live. The building and the scene are gone. WE ARE HERE. I often took photos at small, private, impromptu gatherings, as well as live show. Yeah, I’ve got a huge stash of photos no one else took. Thank goodness for the others who took photos too! I was into fun shows and parties. Not sessions or directed poses.

      Thanks Michelle for ALL the incredible support thru the years! What We Do Is Secret. Still. We hold some memories close to our hearts. For only our hearts. I share what I can. But sometimes you had to be there! Like we were. Lived to tell the tales! Can’t say that of too many. WE ARE STILL HERE.


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