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Welcome to Punk Pioneers, Photos and Stories from Jenny Lens, MFA.
MOST published early west coast photographer, first gen, 1976-80.
I sell Limited Edition, Signed or Open Edition, UnSigned Prints.
Go to for Selection and Pricing. BEFORE writing me.

  • HIGH END PRO Lightjet printers. BEST PRINTS anyone can purchase. Not low end inkjet!
  • I have additional images, not posted. IF you don’t see what you want, THEN write me.
  • I do not make money from my prints or photos!!
  • I just pay bills to keep archive safely stored and active.
  • To keep prices down, check out my store first! 
  • If you think my prices high, check the net for other HIGH END photos.
  • Thank you for your interest and support. I appreciate those who buy prints or donate.

Click on Image below. You’ll be taken to my for Selection and Pricing. BEFORE writing me. Thanks! 

My photos collected by major stars (Drew Barrymore, Rob Zombie, Flea, Fred Armisen, Linda Ramone and more). Shepard Fairey and his wife, Amanda, as so supportive and collectors. Everyone is a Celebrity in My World! My fans and friends, those who buy, donate, help or are kinds, are in all walks of life. All kinds of people. Just like YOU!

Customers rave about the “gorgeous colors, luminous color and rich black and white prints.” My photos are in a current Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, Mark Mothersbaugh and Devo traveling show. Featured in NY’s Metropolitan Museum of Art Punk fashion show, traveling Smithsonian, Grammy Museum, Rock Hall of Fame and Experience Music Project’s inaugural LA punk show.

I keep my prices lower than what art galleries tell me to charge. Art for the People!
BUY NOW: Punk Pioneers by Jenny Lens Photo Store

A few of many publications, exhibits. 1976-now. Published and Exhibited Photos. Larger collage of coverage and acclaim. I am honored by public’s appreciation of my work. My hair was black and magenta, in bottom center, “Decline of Western Civilization.” I took iconic photos of X that night. Available for purchase. Have fun!

What sizes and how are they mailed: Printed, one at a time, on Kodak Archival paper and inks in standard USA photo sizes: 8x10, 11x14, 16x20. I’ve done 20x24, but don’t list that size.

“Poster sized” photo prints: 18 x 24. They are specially designed collages of several photos, 2 or more, for each performer or group. I have 33 choices. I don’t custom print that size.

**MAILING IS VITAL! Some TOP labs use flimsy cardboard mailers, which can be bent. NOT MINE! All photos are sandwiched between at least one piece of cardboard on EACH side. Sometimes two on each side.

IF UNsigned, straight from lab, where they shrink-wrap photos to cardboard. Inside a specially made photo cardboard BOX.

IF SIGNED, I often will use that same box. But sometimes I ‘gang orders,’ or several in one order and box. Then photos get MORE cardboard and put into USPS Priority Box. I keep the box FLAT.

REALLY hard, if not impossible, to bend them. FLAT Cardboard on front and back, inside the package and package itself. FOUR layers of cardboard.

When I had a car, I drove around and picked up BIG, clean cardboard boxes from the art store. Boxes for drawing pads, tables, chairs, etc. I’d fill up the car, drag boxes upstairs, pull out the big ol’ paper cutter, ruler, and started cutting away. I have stacks of clean, thick cardboard.

This link goes to TWO galleries, one for the individual photos and one for the ready-designed ‘posters.’

BUY NOW! Prices and Order at: Jenny Lens Punk Pioneers Photo Store

Patti Smith called meThe Girl with the Camera Eye.” Shouted from LA’s Roxy stage, pointing to me, Nov 15, 1976. Patti told me “She still dares other photographers to take better photos than I.” The Roxy, August 2002.

We considered Jenny’s photos to be the “visual backbone” of “We Got the Neutron Bomb.” ~ Three Rivers Press Editor

Jenny, you are the only photographer who takes photos while high on acid which are better than more well known photographers.” ~Exene Cervenka, X.

You captured the old days like no one else.” ~Louis Jacinto, LA punk photographer.

Debbie Harry told me she was so proud of me when my photos appeared in New York Rocker, April 14, 1977.

Jenny Lens is the legendary punk photographer who shot some of the most iconic images of Patti Smith, The Ramones, The Screamers and so many others. She is one of the unsung heroines of the movement. Enjoy! ~Alice Bag, legendary punk singer and Latina icon. Read Jenny’s interview in Alice’s Women in LA Punk.

Jenny Lens knows the stories behind her photos. She’s the genius behind so many classic photosJenny’s a great photojournalistic historian of the period. Her photos made me the punk legend I am! ~ Hellin Killer aka Helena Alicia Roessler


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BUY NOW! Prices and Order at: Jenny Lens Punk Pioneers Photo Store

Jenny’s prices are way too low! I collect many photos and art. I have my own private photo gallery of Jenny’s photos framed on my walls. The coolest of scenes, expressed through photographs and words of the divine Jenny LensFANTASTIC images of the scene she lived, with humor and history and perspective this amazing, and fleeting, moment deserves. Jenny is a true original, someone who has been there beyond and back, with brilliant tales to tell and see. ~Bill M.

Thank you all for years of your encouragement and appreciation. You are wonderful. Believe that! YOU inspire ME!

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