Punk Fashion Collage #2

LA Punk Fashions, 1976-1980 by Jenny Lens MFA

LA Punk Fashions, 1976-1980 by Jenny Lens, MFA

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  1. Lady Anne ^^ö^^

    Absolutely fantastic visual journey of the fashions and attitudes behind the music- often the clothing was more then just something one wore, but actually part of the statement behind the words and music.

    Jenny Lens has recorded this awesome history of the Punk scene from her incredible perspective creating a more complete visual journey of the scene as it was happening.

    Her contribution to this great moment in music history simply cannot be stressed enough! The fact she was the only woman on the scene as it unfolded recording it with her amazingly edgy and raw angle has given us what was almost lost forever for anyone who wasn’t there! She’s an amazing woman who has shown us the true history behind it all!


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