Licensing Form for Editorial and Commercial Usage

IF you want to use my photos for your Editorial books, magazines, documentaries, etc, you must use my Licensing Form.

Don't even ask about anything until you have completed it!

IF you want to use my photos for Commercial merch for sale that you wear or use, YOU MUST OBTAIN WRITTEN PERMISSION from the people IN my photo BEFORE you contact ME!

And Commercial projects also require my Licensing Form.

I love licensing my photos only if legally allowed to do so. Please don't waste your time or mine without that paperwork.

I have to stand firmly about this because I have helped SO many people and companies who simply ran me ragged because they didn't know specs or obtain permission. I rather burn my archive than deal with that ever again!

IF you work WITH me, we can have a lot of fun!

I love getting my photos into the world to inspire people, share the truth behind this FAB era. But not at the expense of my health.

Let's play together, have fun, and make cool shit!