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Contact Details

Always so happy to hear from fans, collectors and licensees. Please be VERY specific!!! Details matter!

Collectors, fans, whomever:

  • Please use this contact form. I ONLY use email.
  • DM might get an answer IF social media actually shows me the DM. I irregularly check social media.
  • NEVER ask anything in a comment if you need a response. 
  • 100% DIY. I do it all myself.

Licensing for any editorial and/or commercial merch usage:

Licensing for commercial merch products:
  • YOU MUST get WRITTEN permission from the person(s) in my photo PRIOR to contacting me.
  • I cannot license without those agreement(s). We have laws about that.
  • If you have legal agreements, please COMPLETE this form or I cannot respond.

Thank you! I look forward to serving YOUR needs, when legally possible and when provided requested info.