Narcissistic Mean Punk Resurfaced during Wedding at DTLA Arts District

Went to AMAZING wedding yesterday. BUT ran into someone who caused me to never be invited to Miss Pamela [des Barres] parties ever again.

Due to a variety of factors, I rarely go anywhere. Being banned from local parties with tons of pals and people in entertainment makes me very sad. Especially because I was a mere pawn in her game. After I spent MANY months helping HER.

She had the nerve to see me and walk next to me. I was gracious and kind. She caused so many problems and wasted months of my life. I remembered but wasn’t gonna let it affect my mood. Even invited her to come back and have a drink.

But she had wine at her DTLA art event. Cos ya know, she lives there. Ya, I know.

Then today I remembered what she did at Miss Pamela’s party … she drove me, THEN told me Miss Pamela and Gail Zappa hate her. She thought it was funny. Told me so, with a proud smile on her face. I was horrified.

I apologized to Miss Pamela, but I’ve been banned.

ANY idea how it feels to see pix of my pals at Miss Pamela’s parties when they post on FB? And then that woman actually came up to me and I was friendly. And she thought it so funny, never realizing what she did to me.

Sometimes I HATE living in LA. I can’t avoid bad people. Then the sorrow descends.

Listening to Cheap Trick while working on photos to post in store. Now Stones, Led Zep and Kiss.

Wish I could watch docs or something, but impossible while working. I wonder what to listen to?

Memories light the corners of our minds and darkness descends.

Thankfully, people were SO kind yesterday. They all loved the fact I shot their fave bands.

But I drank a juice that made me so sick. Spent half the time in the car. Been recovering today. I simply cannot eat or drink anything when I leave home. I eat so simply that prepared food makes me sick.

Other than that, grateful I love my photos and stories.

Now I pray people buy cos that darned rent due in a week. So tired of saying that … I’m too old for this shit.

But hey, it’s rock n roll and we like it, right?

I wish I would not think about WHY do some people enjoy making others suffer? Then think they are so nice, so clever?

That woman who saw me on Main Street during the wedding ALSO mentioned someone. She was with her best friend. At the sound of THAT name, I took a deep breath and sighed, and looked downward.
She then repeated the name. I said, “[her name] doesn’t like me. She’s always so mean to me.”

She knows that … and that is why she made a point of mentioning her. Twice. Yet I was nice to her. Oh I wish I could be a bitch every time when people deserve it.

But I was feeling so sick, and a really nice woman from the wedding was there. Wasn’t the right time or place to say anything.

BUT the last time that woman spoke to me was email. She pulled so much shit on me I told her to leave me alone. She kept writing emails, saying she missed our friendship.

I refused to write back. Hmm … so she sees me on the street and pops up. Some people don’t get the hint, ya know?

Ok, back to prepping photos. Finished Cheap Trick and Stones, now KISS and Led Zep. THEN hours of work to upload into store. Yes, I know they are not punk. But hey, it’s Rock n Roll, right?

AND this rock documentation has put me into so much serious debt. I took photos to document ROCK and make people happy.

So buy a fucking photo already! These photos and stories cost ME time and money!

Thanks for being here, so I can vent.


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