Licensing for Editorial, Commercial, Merch or Exhibits

  • Licensing is the process for you to use photos.
  • Editorial: books, magazines, fanzines, documentaries and online.
  • Commercial: merch like t-shirts, mass produced posters, greeting cards, postcards, phone cases, etc. BUT YOU MUST first get written licensing agreement with the people IN the photo(s)!!! You and I cannot use photos of real people on products to sell!!
  • Exhibits: museums displaying photo prints. Usually shows and galleries are exhibits designed to showcase and sell photo prints.(Museums have my permission to sell prints, but that is not most museum’s primary purpose.)

I ONLY photographed during August 1976 – July 1980. California (and the Clash, England, June 1980).
That means NO CBGB! Punk exploded in SoCal too!!

I took photos to document a cultural revolution AND to bring JOY to people.

READ First: SEND ALL INFO when FIRST Contacting Me!!

ALL projects require research and time. Lots of time!!! I don’t just hop onto the phone or engage in email or other conversations UNLESS you FIRST fulfill the spec, deadline, budget and contract requirements below.

After YOU provide needed info upfront, we’re good to go.

The licensing for usage in ONE project DOES NOT include marketing, online, packaging, editorial. ONLY ONE format! That means if approached for INTERIOR of a book, that is ONLY usage.

Treat me like you would Getty Images and other agencies. I work as hard as they, all by myself.

1 – YOU must provide a Contract (or at least info similar to what is in the contract, NO surprises that differ from our email discussions and agreements), Payment details, and Photo Specs (DPI, maximum height AND width) in FIRST email!

2 – Contracts MUST include ALL contact info: name of company, address, phone, email, contact name. AND THEY MUST MATCH what we agreed upon in our email or other discussions.


TALK to the folks making the contract. MAKE sure they are on the same page as you and I!!!

OR you won’t get your photos! I WILL BILL you for time wasted! Been there, done that … fighting to get contract text aligning with our agreement! STOP WASTING MY TIME.

3 – First email MUST DETAIL whole payment procedure! Contact (or contract must not differ from emails), how long until paid, how I get paid, what you are paying for photos, etc. Be a pro with your facts lined up first. I will work VERY hard to find the BEST photos for your needs. Now treat me with the same respect! 

4 – Photo Specs:

    1. NO images, not even jpgs for your consideration, unless specs listed below, verify contract will NOT add more uses than we agreed upon, payment info provided FIRST!
    2. Your Deadline.
    3. Specs (all: dpi, maximum height AND width in pixels, inches, cm).
    4. PRINT: 300 DPI. DO NOT insult me and say 96 dpi and you will resize up. FUCK THAT SHIT. NEVER upsize MY copyrighted photos!! OR I WILL SUE YOUR ASS!! I am a PROFESSIONAL. I provide 300 DPI for print!
    5. Online: 72 unless specified otherwise.
    6. VideoI will make the images 1920 x 1080 at 72 dpi unless specified otherwise.
    7. TELL ME THE FINAL SIZE!!! You don’t write a book or make a site or doc without knowing output size!!
    8. File format (jpg, png, psd, tif).
    9. Color space (RGB, CMYK, Grayscale).
    10. NEVER say high res or 3 meg file. That tells me nothing.
    11. I need SPECIFIC resolution or dots per inch for print. If you don’t know, ask someone who knows! Various papers and printing processes require different resolutions.
    12. I need to see IF I have it scanned, IF I can find in files (might be in storage or stolen) and scan it. But NOT til I get ALL info FIRST!!

5 – Specify WHICH IMAGES YOU WANT. I made this site TO SAVE all of us TIME. 

LOOK at Buy Photos. Or links:

– Buy Punk Rock Photos

– Buy Rock Photos (Cheap Trick, Led Zep, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, etc)

– Buy Punk Collage Photo Prints, 12×18

– 78 Rare Punk Mini-Prints, Special Collector’s Portfolio, Limited Edition

6 – LOOK at my Bands, Parties, Venues, People 1976-80. Not everything is scanned. Most of my files are in an off-site, secured facility far, far away. But I have a few negs and slides.

7 – Provide ALL the info you have. THEN I can dig up the BEST photo for your needs, if they are not posted.

8 – You agree to never upsize, distort, stretch nor crop nor colorize nor decolorize my photo(s) without prior written permission. Violation is breach of contract. Treat my photos with the respect they deserve.

9 – DO NOT put my photos in another location or date!!!! IF I shot in West Hollywood and Hollywood, DO NOT use my photos and say it’s in San Francisco, for example. Yes, that happened. I was mortified!

10 – I DO NOT WORK FOR FREE.  A Person Can Die From “Exposure.” Been there, done that waaaay too many times.

11 – Write DESCRIPTIVE SUBJECT HEADER in EVERY email!! Or it might be ignored or go into spam folder, missing your deadline.

Do not assume I know what is your project! FILL ME IN WITH ALL THE DETAILS. Simple: just include earlier emails.

DO NOT MAKE ME DO THE WORK!!! I do enough work as is for people! Yikes, add up the costs of taking the photos, film, lab, printing, postage, storing, learning tech, buying tech, upgrading hardware and software and my skills. Whatever you are paying doesn’t even start to cover any of that.


  1. I use I am able to use Google Drive, your server or FTP or … but NO DROPBOX!
  2. I upload, you get an email with download link. Which expires in ONE week!
  3. IF I have to upload again cos you didn’t bother to download in a timely manner, YOU WILL BE CHARGED BEFORE I upload it again.

13 – IF you want to license for merch, such as tee shirts, YOU need to obtain licensing permission from performers BEFORE approaching me.

DO NOT come to me without licensing agreements with the people in the photos! THAT IS THE LAW IN THE USA! Not my choice.

I have enough legal issues with people illegally using my photos. I will not waste my time being dragged into licensing arguments.

14 – Violation is breach of contract subject to immediate legal action and posting on lots of social media.

15 – I won’t be quiet about this either! I am tired of protecting people who violate my creative, personal and legal rights.

IF you treat my photos with the respect they deserve, no worries.

I ONLY photographed August 1976 – July 1980.

I wish you well in all your endeavors. Thank you for your interest.

I look forward to serving you when provided proper information.

My mental, emotional, physical and financial health have been irreparably damaged because people take advantage of creatives.

I took my first live rock photos during the Ramones first west coast tour, August 1976. I’ve been ripped off, lied to, and worse … but my heart belongs to punk. Let’s have FUN together!

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