Licensing Usually Requires Research for Your Project 

ALL projects require research. I don’t just hop onto the phone or engage in any conversations UNLESS you fulfill the spec, deadline, budget and contract requirements below. After YOU provide needed info upfront, we’re good to go.

IF you send me a VAGUE email to USE or LICENSE my photos, YOU MUST PAY UPFRONT $100/hour via PayPal to move forward.

This is a retainer put towards future emails, research, scanning, providing jpgs, any assistance.

This is IN ADDITION to Licensing Fees, which is dependent upon YOUR budget and my baseline. NO EXCEPTIONS.

YOU DO NOT decide what to pay me AFTER we’ve made an agreement. I’ve worked since 1976 with minimal payment. Got burned today by two folks whom I invested time and money into prints and projects for them. NEVER AGAIN.


If contact me and we discuss a book, for example, that is what the license covers. NOTHING MORE. No surprise contracts or agreements AFTER I fulfill your needs.

IF we negotiate for a book, that’s ALL. Website, film, promo, future media, ANYTHING ELSE IS NOT COVERED.

Books cannot re-use my photos to be printed in another country or format without re-licensing my fees, for example. Docs aren’t put online unless BOTH media are covered in initial contract or re-licensed.

Provide the contract UPFRONT. No more surprises. I don’t price to include after-the-fact contract negotiations when the fine print give the licensee rights I, the licensor, never agreed to, when contacted nor during the whole process of providing photos.


  1. Specific info about subject matter. Any names, events, people, performers. The MORE details, the better I can provide exactly what YOU need.
  2. Deadline.
  3. Specs (all: dpi, height AND width in pixels, inches or cm).
  4. Budget: payment process (contact info about invoicing, PayPal, wire transfer, etc) and TIME FRAME. How long before I get paid? YOU get what YOU want. HOW long before I get what I need: Payment.
  5. Provide Contract UPFRONT.

IF you find other photos posted, whether on an old site of mine or elsewhere, or in books, mags BUT not in the store, they are probably not scanned and may not be available.

Write me with DETAILS. I’ll respond if my scans are a good fit for your specs.

Thank You!!