Iconic X Exene Cervenka Photo, plus John Doe, Decline Filming

Exene and John Doe, X, Decline of Western Civilization filming, Club 88, March 1980Last night someone ordered my classic iconic Exene print, 8×10 unsigned. How cool!

Exene chose this for “Live at the Masque CD/cassette” set she produced in 1995.

Shepard Fairey used in his “Icons” issue of Swindle mag. Shot during “Decline of Western Civilization” filming near me, at old Club 88, West LA, long gone.

Live footage shows everyone is maniacally dancing. And I’m right up front, in the center of it all, calm in the eye of the storm.

I wasn’t even aware of all the maelstrom behind me. I can focus!

FOR YOU. Cos I knew it was vital to document this. No matter how hard, how expensive, I just HAD to do it. And the shows were GREAT!!

Every time I walk or take bus and pass it by, I think about the AMAZING times we had!! The time Claude “Kick Boy” Bessy held onto rear fenders as cars drove off, after stopped at Stop Sign. I jumped up and down, clapping and laffing!!

Or when John Doe sang Hank Williams, I’m So Lonesome I Could Die, kinda acoustically, during an X set. Or the time I lost my fave Ban-Rays cat sunglasses. Or the time …

But I am SO DESPERATE. I thought about “last night everything broke, landlord landlord clean up the mess.” Wishing MY landlord would clean HIS mess. 21 years of leaking roof.

I just wanna live long enough I don’t have to beg for money. Considering how hard I’ve worked … but I AM working on it.

SO buy some photos while ye may. Send PRIVATE msg or IF questions or need help. Thanks!!

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