How to Sign Up, Login, Request Password for Punk Pioneers Podcast and Photos Club

1 – Register by clicking on a Button Link to the Membership period you want.

Write or Type your Username and Password and stash somewhere you won’t lose or forget it. (Password reset in Step 4).

AND double-check your email address is correct!


2 – After Payment, your Thank You page appears. Click on the Club Member Links or Login link.


3 – In the future, click on the Club Member Links in the menu (next to Contact) link or Bookmark/Save the Link so you can Login, Access Account and Click to See and Hear anything!


IF you forgot your password, follow steps 4 – 7.

4 – Click on Login or Club Member Links to get Login Window. Then click Forgot Password link on bottom of screen.


5 – After clicking Forgot Password, Login and Request Password Reset window appears. Enter Username or Email Address, do the simple math question (to keep spammers and bots out), then click “Request Password Reset).


6 – When you see “Successfully request password reset,” check your email for link to reset password.


7 – Click on link in email, then Reset Your Password.


8 – Now login by clicking on Club Member Links in menu next to Contact or

9 – Contact me for further help. I am REALLY detailed. That sometimes overwhelms people. But if you follow each step, you will learn not just how to use MY site, but many other sites as well. I’m here to help and share needed tech tips!