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Deadlines for USA and International holiday delivery are upon us! Plus this COSTS ME MONEY. Far more than anyone would believe. If you want this archive to survive, collect some fine prints for yourself or give as gifts, please take action. NOW. And SHARE! Thanks!

This looks harder and more complicated than it is, but it’s easy peasy. I’m detailed for those who need it. Others can breeze through this.

File Links:

  1. Download or Share: Photos Stored in Google Drive and Dropbox. (Your choice which to use.)
  2. Double click folders and you will see each image.
  3. You can download each folder. Or each or several images at once.
  4. Or you can send each image to Instagram or other social media.

Photo Descriptions:

  1. Punk Photo Holiday Descriptions
  2. Rock Photo Holiday Descriptions

Please Follow these Steps:

  1. Photos stored in Google Drive and Dropbox. (Your choice which to use.) Upload into social media, using images specified per folder (or download/upload into sites, email, whatever).
  2. Copy/Paste what I wrote, for the most part. Especially the hashtags.
  3. Punk Photo Holiday Descriptions
  4. Rock Photo Holiday Descriptions
  5. People LOVE the descriptions (who, what, where, when). Add your own words and/or hashtags. Thanks!
  6. Tell PPL I AM DESPERATE. Rent due this weekend!
  7. They can Donate, Buy or take Workshops. (learn to take photos, whether live music or whatever, web design, ecommerce, gain confidence using tech, problem solving, Coaching! Plus so much more!)
  8. Tell ppl to SHARE, Email, Post, Scream it out! Now and next week and next, etc.
  9. Please DO NOT post a lot at once. If you can spread them out, at least an hour between postings, that’s best. But hey, beggars cannot be chooses. Any posting better than none! Thanks so much!

1 – Choose Jpg Images from Folder for Each Social Platform:

– FB (Facebook), Twitter, Blog, Youtube or any horizontal format: 16:9 or 1920×1080 

– IG (Instagram) or any square format: 1:1 Square 1080×1080. If you want to add Instagram paragraph spaces, Use this cool free site: Clean & Beautiful Line Breaks for IG Captions (psst… bookmark me)

– Pinterest: 1000×1500. Please also add Title for Pinterest or it won’t be Pinned.

(IF you wanna make vids, fine. DO NOT USE unlicensed music! Don’t stick any band’s music or music you didn’t legally license onto my photos! BE LEGAL. Thanks!)

2 – NOW go to listing or table for HOLIDAY text and hashtags:

Then match the filename of image, ending with jpg, with Listing in Spreadsheet. (I’ll update and upload more photos later.)

3 – Please Copy/Paste Description, with URGENT pleas from me and your own stories, text, etc. Thanks!

4 – Write me IF any confusion, questions, suggestions, stories, etc. Or write me FB, but NOT IG.

5 – Tech crap: If you are confused what 16:9 or 1920×1080 mean, those are tech specs each social platform requires. 1:1 means horizontal and vertical are same proportion. 16:9 means 16 parts wide to 9 part tall, or 1920×1080 in most cases. Fun, eh?

THIS is one reason takes me so long to do anything! I have to make various versions of one image. I don’t just crop an image, like many. I’m an artist who wants my photos to look hot for you!


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