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Go-Go’s and Charlotte Caffey: She’s Got The Beat!

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Go-Go's at X's home for bar-b-que. Billy Zoom, Charlotte Caffey, Jane Wiedlin, Gina Shock, Margot, John Doe

Go-Go’s at X’s home for bar-b-que. Billy Zoom, Charlotte Caffey, Jane Wiedlin, Gina Shock, Margot, John Doe. The Go-Go’s quite often opened for X, giving the audience GREAT shows. Plus great real world experience for the bands. Oh the stories I could tell of those shows!

Plus some were hanging out together, before many bands were formed or performing. Fun to be at Ground Zero of this burgeoning scene. I have the earliest photos!

I shot color of Belinda was behind me, hanging with Top Jimmy, manning the grill. Plus color slides of Tomata du Plenty, some of the Quick and other locals gathered that spring day, 1980. Before people began touring and the scene changed. Good times!

Click on any image. You’ll arrows on left and right side of screen. 28 photos. Some never seen! Deets and stories BELOW slide show. Enjoy! Be sure to share too! Thanks!

Charlotte Caffey wanted to sit next to me. I literally stood in the LA Downtown Central Library’s Mark Taper Auditorium aisle and jumped up and down in the air, clapping my hands. Repeatedly and quickly. Like a 3 year old.

I told her of a photo of the Go-Go’s at X’s home on Genesee. I was describing it, saying Billy Zoom and John Doe, and all the Go-Go’s except Belinda were in the photo. I said Belinda was behind me, talking to Top Jimmy, our pro meat cooking chef. Jimmy worked at Top Taco, across the street from A & M Records. Jimmy kept a lot of punks alive, giving them food. Meat. Greasy meat. Even then I turned my nose down at it. I’m a vegan sometimes vegetarian at heart.

Jimmy said the elderly Central European couple had numbers on their forearms. I can just see him holding his arm out, cig dangling from mouth, looking at us, telling the story, while feeding the young punks. I don’t know if they knew what Jimmy and I knew. I think I mentioned something about being the couple being Jewish survivors of the Concentration Camps during World War II. We didn’t use the term “Holocaust” til recently.

Anyway, I merely told Charlotte I have this photo, [didn’t have time to tell her it’s in my book, Punk Pioneers] said who were in it … she leaned forward, with big eyes, and said, “I’m at X’s? I don’t remember being there. But I was so high all the time.”*

I replied, “It’s been awhile since I looked, but I thought for sure. I’ll send you a jpg. I’ve wanted YOU to see my photos of YOU for so long!”

*I DO NOT remember all the places, events or people I photographed! And I wasn’t drunk or on downers. Sure, most of the time I was speeding along on diet pills or speed, or sometimes my faves, hallucinogens. But most drank, and their memories are not reliable, despite what they insist.

I was SO busy all the time! SO much happened ALL the time! I remember so well because of my photos. Plus input from reliable participants (they were there) and publications, interviews and more.

Breaks my heart that the VERY people I photographed don’t know my photos! My site was at for so long! I put a link to send people here. Google me, my friends! Easy peasy to find me! I’m also on Facebook.

People are busy, I ‘get’ it. Looking at old photos, especially if they don’t know the photos exist or many are scanned, is not a top priority for many whom I hung with and documented.

The first thing I said to her, not having seen her in 36 years, was: Princess Charlotte just turned one. She is the adorbs daughter of Prince William and Duchess Kate. Plus my late mother’s name was Charlotte. She said it was interesting her name was popular now. Sweet!

Instead of merely sending Charlotte a jpg or two, I compiled 28 images. Then the weirdest thing happened! I’ve been using a Mac since 1988. I’ve worked on my photos since about 1992 at least. I’ve never lost a photo. I renamed, color corrected, cropped these photos. Then they disappeared! Thankfully, I just created a set of images to post. I wanted my watermark less opaque. But I don’t have three hours to do it again. So here it tis!

Enjoy! I don’t have time to do this often. This is also in honor of “Under the Big Black Sun,” newly published with MY photos and QUOTES.

Let’s warmly welcome CHARLOTTE CAFFEY! A brilliant, humble, sweet, beautiful woman, wife, mother, artist, and so freakin’ talented! Giving HUGE thanks to Charlotte for her amazing songs and vital contributions to not only the Go-Go’s, but many performers. Thanks for bringing so much good music and songs into our culture.

You got the beat, dear Charlotte!

PS: File names have meaning, for your benefit.

01-77-11-23-2-32-EyesMasque = first number keeps order here. I posted chronologically, but wanted some manual over-ride. My photos are always posted like a storyboard. One follows another for a reason.

77 = year. 11 = month, 23 = day. 2-32= final numbers refer to my internal naming convention to keep track of photos.

EyesMasque = Charlotte was in the Eyes with future X drummer, DJ Bonebrake, and Joe Ramirez.

Masque = venue. Read WHY I posted these images below the gallery / slide show. I don’t have time to do more. This took hours! Plus I’ll post on Facebook. Then notify people.

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