Fearless Punk Pioneers Women and the Tech I used to Create My Archive and Sites, Then and Now



Wanna know about THE fearless early women of punk? Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, Alice Bag, Exene, Go-Go’s and others. Hear personal, rare stories about the fun, wild times we had, 1976-80. When we changed world culture forever. I’ve posted my classic and rare punk photos, stories and vids here at Punk Pioneers.

Plus info about Online Workshops, Dreaming Big Rocks!, sharing tips and inspiration on creating and sharing what you love into the world. Look, I’m exhausted! People have told me to teach because I love sharing and know so much.

And if I don’t raise money soon, cos I’ve poured my life into my punk photos and online workshops for YOUR benefit, then I’m checking out.

No point working this hard and not paying my bills. You wanted it. You got it. PLEASE tell people. You might not want it, but others do. Thanks and about to pass out. Long hard days and nights making this. I am an internationally, famous, published early punk photographer and experienced college and computer graphics and apps teacher.

Plus exhibited artist with BA in Art, CSUN and Master of Fine Arts in Design, Cal Arts and Pro Cert in Computer Graphics, UCLA. All with honors. I take art and tech very seriously and have a lot of fun with it.

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I look forward to guiding you to manifesting your big dreams. Keep Dreaming Big, cos Dreaming Big Rocks! From a REAL Rockstar Photographer.

I am far too busy to deal with that. I rather create more valuable online workshops, free and paid, plus create a lot more art! If you have a question, comment, suggestion, please send me a detailed message at . Thanks and have fun!