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Legal Disclaimer Tshirt Rewards

Legal disclaimer: IF anyone gives me shit about photos on LIMITED EDITION, only during the campaign Rewards I use for my FUNd Raiser: ONLY LA bands. I did so much for them, had a hard time getting on guest lists, never got swag, and LOST tens, no, hundreds of thousands of dollars. I had a choice: buy a house in 1976 for around $50K, would be worth $1.5 million easily now.

Instead I devoted 100% of my time, energy and money taking photos. Plus all the money I’ve invested in software, hardware, learning all this, NOT making money while working on my pix. Since 1976! Flying solo too. I don’t have a team behind me. ALL you see is 100% done by me.

If you object, the archive will lie in ruin. A MAJOR University and others want my work.

I cannot move forward without CASH. I’ve been financing this since 1976. LET IT BURN. If it comes to that, I’ll tell the world WHY. You want to deal with that fallout over a few tshirt rewards top SAVE the Archive? 

I personally rather teach. I can turn my back on this easily. But not without making it public who thinks I don’t have the right to use MY photos to preserve photos of THE PEOPLE in the photos. IF you don’t want this Archive preserved, fine with me.

I am not running scared. Turned down TONS of bootleg ops. MY photos ILLEGALLY used by many. I’ve kept my mouth shut. I’m a Momma Tiger protecting her cubs. Hear me roar.

I’m in debt cos of a HUGE student loan: ABA Certified Paralegal from UCLA. Just so I would know a bit more about legal issues. Debt cos my photos gobbled up whatever money I’ve made.

I am willing to fight for this non-profit FUNd Raiser using MY photos to save MY archive FOR OTHERS.

Anyone has an issue, fine. But I won’t be quiet about it. I ONLY want to get all this into a new home! That was my purpose dealing with this woman. Which resulted in the last few years in nightmarish hell. It’s still a nightmare. Going to get worse when my attorney contacts her. How could a performer or fan object to that? ;'(

I want to move on. Die in peace knowing the Archive will not be lost. Is that too much to ask? Let’s look at the big picture.

BUT this is why I am NOT including big performers, although Shepard Fairey used wide variety of major performers in my tee shirt. Bravado came after him re Clash and Sex Pistols.

LA Punk History is NOT represented on tons of books, mag articles and documentaries. I KNOW because I license New York and British performers far more than LA. WE did something GREAT! let’s CELEBRATE that fact. Before these photos are taken off the market. Not for licensing. Not for collecting. Or the new owners charge a whole lot more. Galleries always telling me to charge more. I’ve kept them low and reasonable so people can afford them. Not just the higher end more monied collectors.

So let’s do what we can now, to get them into the hands of those of us who were there and the wonderful fans who followed.

Gotta problem with that? Fine, I’ll stop what I’m doing and focus 100% on teaching. Kiss 35,000 images, fanzines, magazines and more goodbye. I cannot finance this myself.

I ain’t killing myself over a bunch of photos anymore. I ain’t working on Maggie’s Farm no more. I’ll move on. I’ll make it very clear why. I won’t go quietly. Enough of being the ‘nice Jewish girl’ watching others benefit from her work while her archive is in this legal turmoil.

I have many signed and verbal agreements, and made every possible attempt to contact people. Please have a heart and see the BIG picture. I’m not getting rich off this! Thank you.

Let’s work TOGETHER so this Archive has a life after me. Cos I haven’t  much life left. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

PS NO ONE has said anything. Mentioning to prevent misunderstandings.

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