Engagement on Facebook, Social Media and Lip Service

I am sharing what I wrote in a Facebook group. People are surprised I’ve been attacked online by punk, photographers, writers, marketing people and others.

Someone asked for respect in Facebook groups. My response:

As for respect, being kind to each other, allowing each of us our own memories and feelings towards anyone in punk, be it performers, writers, fans, and for me, photographers: punk is a very very hostile, nasty world!

I get my undeserved share of defamation and hate, on an ongoing basis. But not as much as others in punk. I take it in stride. Or the best I can.

It’s why I’m not in many punk groups, or have left or been kicked out. Why we treat each other so badly, I dunno. Not my problem. THEIR LOSS.

The worst part: when people who were my friends, whom I’ve promoted in words and photos, turn against me. Do their best to erase me from my own history, my own life.

The best response is to hold our heads up, and keep doing what we are doing.

And remember, there are always those who respect us. Let the others go. The less they bother you, the less power they have!

Another wrote he was surprised I’ve been cancelled. He said he sent me a friend request in the past. My response:

I will try to make this as clear as possible: I DO NOT WANT engagement, conversations nor friends.

Why? Because in too many cases, people turn against me the minute I don’t dance the same dance they dance or they expect me to dance.

I DO want to tell MY truth about MY photos and MY life.

Why? Because there are so many distortions and damnit, I know my life and my photos and my memories.

I’ve been brutally abused, dealt with hatred and nasty words from punk fans, writers, performers, and others.

AND I don’t have time! I do everything myself! My sites, my classes, my podcasts, my photos, TONS of tech stuff, all by myself.

Working without money, sacrificing stuff I rather do, just to share MY TRUE memories, my TRUE intentions, and MY photos.

So the only thing I say: I merely wanted to share that yes, I’ve been cancelled. By the very people I’ve helped the most. By strangers. By many.

And it’s vital to know it’s not personal. Haters gotta hate. People who think they OWN punk, they know wassup. And the more one defends oneself, the more one wastes time.

So my game plan: I live on Twitter, I hate Facebook, I only check into a very few groups I’m in, and I am telling my TRUE tall tales and photos for a few bucks a month.

Cos if people REALLY respect what I’ve done, they will set aside a few pennies every day and support what I’m doing.

AND they will tell ppl. NOT once. BUT OFTEN. Not just on FB, but wherever they are. I NEED HELP.

And I’m tired of people saying they don’t know how to help. They don’t know tech. YET they manage to post stuff? What kind of lazy BS is that?

I should not have to remind and beg ppl to tell ppl about my many photos and stories. OFTEN.

Pay a few bucks a month. I KNOW what it’s like to skip meals, get behind in payments, live in poverty. So don’t tell me you cannot afford it.

If you don’t have money, you have time. Otherwise, STFU about how much you love and respect my photos.

I keep names and incidents of haters to myself.

I just saw Rebel in the Rye last night. I wish I were rich like JD Salinger. He made enough to write every day and never publish after Catcher in the Rye.

I just wanna make art. And NOT have to respond to social media, email and crap like that. To jump thru hoops on this platform or that. To make 6 different versions of ONE image so it looks good on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. FUCK THAT SHIT.

So that’s where I am. Ya want my stories? Punk Pioneers Podcast and Photos (and some vids). Info on my site.

And the next time someone says to post this or that, or why don’t I do this or that, I will only retreat further. I’m 70 and fed up. FB does NOT rule us.

YOU do NOT have to be a Friend to see my posts! Facebook won’t even broadcast posts to ALL our friends.

I’m on Twitter. Mostly political, and alway waaay liberal. Lots of art, movies, and some punk.

When I feel like it.

Nothing personal. I’ve earned the right to finally use social as I damn well want to. Esp when Facebook makes it so hard (they own Instagram too). Esp when so many attack me. For merely telling the truth.

I DO NOT accept friends. Esp if people don’t send me a msg or if ONLY they are punk fans. FB LIMITS us to 5,000 friends. IF I said yes, I’d have 30,000 friends. My hands are tied in this matter.

My best to you.

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