Dreaming and Creativity and Anais Nin

I literally dreamt revising my Punk Pioneers home page. The page appeared to me. Existing images were re-arranged, with more on top, balanced better with the text.

I was aware I was dreaming. I surprised myself because I wasn’t aware I was still wondering how to make it more effective.

I was asleep and thinking about HOW to make my home page more effective and easier to understand and take action. BUT I wasn’t actively thinking about it. I usually go to sleep with a problem or goal (or several), knowing I’ll wake up with ideas or steps to put into action. Sometimes I surprise myself with what I’m thinking when I gain consciousness.

But I rarely dream about something I didn’t know I was thinking about.

Last night, after spending an hour revising my home page, I got into bed. Fired up the old Kindle to finish eBook from library. It’s about Anais Nin. This was around the time I knew her. I have letters from her when her cancer re-appeared. I was at the point she was dying.

BUT I got up to revise the page, then returned to the book.

I felt so drained, so empty after reading that powerful book, Apprentice to Venus.

So I found another eBook to read. One I got years ago for free or 99 cents. “Archie and Amelie,” about a very rich and very tragic couple in 1900. Archie was a major heir to the incredibly rich Astor dynasty founder. Then Morpheus and made my eyelids heavy, the words dance around, and off to dreamland.

I also dreamt I was lost somewhere and couldn’t find a phone, the kind that used to be on the walls.

Lost. Will I ever be found? Only in my helping others. IF you help me by helping you.

Ya ever dream about your work? There’s simply no rest for creative, when ya wanna do the best for others.

I’m here to guide you, in real life to fulfill your dreams.

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