Donate to Photo Archive Legal Fund

Someone is holding my slides and negatives “Hostage,” per two attorneys. She offered to help me find a new home for my Jenny Lens Punk Pioneers Photo and Memorabilia Archive.

She had ‘pros’ who were expert scanners. LIAR. The scans turned my photos BROWN. Kept some of my fave negs and slides. Lotta tears. Still.

If you care, I’ll fight to unify it. Lawyers are expensive. Time running out because the law limits how many years I can take action. S/O/L. Statute of Limitations. S**t Outta Luck.

The images could be lost forever. Depends how much YOU care. I’ve lost too much $$ cos I share so freely! It’s killing me. Literally. Too heavy a load for one woman. For this priceless archive. Donate or Not.

I always forget to give people this link! Some donated directly to me. All goes to same PayPal account. Just so you know people REALIZE the VALUE of my creations. And do something about it.

Thank you.

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