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Thank you for looking at my site. How can I be of service?

Buy a personal photo or license or see more and larger photos, please go to my online photo store:

Licensing for Merch, Editorial or Commercial Usage:
Before you contact me, please read information below this form.
Helps me respond better and faster to YOU! Thank you.

Collectors: pls be very specific about your questions. I love to read your personal stories. Thank you!

Interviews or press coverage: Be very specific per your needs. If you request photos, refer to Licensing section for specs re photo choices, resolution, sizes, and cropping.

IF you misquote me, expect hellfire and brimstone. Do not read into or rewrite what I say or write. You’ve been warned. I have a brain, decent memory and wasn’t drunk like too many who purport to tell the truth (as if).

I don’t like being misquoted. Happens ALL too often and I’m sick of it. As Alice Bag famously says on her blog: “Let the women SPEAK!”

Licensing for editorial, commercial or merch usage, PLS READ the following. Thank you.

  • I DO NOT WORK FOR FREE.  A Person Can Die From “Exposure.”
  • PLS Write DESCRIPTIVE SUBJECT HEADER. In EVERY email!! Or it might be ignored, missing your deadline.

1 - Specify WHICH IMAGES YOU WANT. I made a store and site TO SAVE YOU and I TIME.

  1. I am not going to send you jpgs of what I posted.
  2. Provide ALL the info you have so I can dig up the BEST photo for your needs, if they are not posted.

2 - Contact me ONLY when YOUR or layout person can provide specs as follows:

  1. Deadline, specs (all: dpi, height AND width in pixels, inches, cm),
  2. File format (jpg, png, psd, tif),
  3. Color space (RGB, CMYK).
  4. IF you are a film-maker, I will make the images 1920 x 1080 at 72 dpi unless specified otherwise.
  5. NEVER say high res or 3 meg file. That tells me nothing.

3 - I cannot move forward without knowing budget, payment process (invoicing, PayPal, wire transfer, etc) and contact person for payment.

  1. I use
  2. I upload, you get an email with download link. Which expires quickly. PLS download when notified.
  3. IF I have to upload again, YOU WILL BE CHARGED.
  4. Send contract PRIOR to my providing final photos.
  5. Too many times contracts do NOT match emails. Then I have to waste time dealing with that.

4 - You agree to never distort, stretch nor crop my photo(s) without prior written permission. Violation is breach of contract. Treat my photos with the respect they deserve.

5 - IF you want to license for merch, such as tee shirts, YOU need to obtain licensing permission from performers in most cases. DO NOT come to me without licensing agreements if they are major performers.

A few will allow me to use their images for fund-raising purposes. You can write for my input on that.

Be aware performers and individuals have rights when it comes to merch.

Books, docs and mags are fine! No problem there. That’s editorial. Fine art prints are fine too.

IF you cannot work within these parameters, you cannot license my photos.

I wish you well in all your endeavors.

I ONLY photographed 1976-1980. That means no, I did not shoot whomever in 1972 or 1985. ONLY August 1976 - July 1980.

Thank you for your interest.

I look forward to serving you when provided proper information.


  1. Riley Schmidt

    Jenny, We spoke awhile ago but I am still interested in purchasing pictures of the Screamers and anything that had to do with the Wilton Hilton. I am currently trying to get the property deemed historic and any photos would greatly help my application as well as a personal treasure for my own collection. I am willing to sign any non commercial use form you deem necessary. I can be reached at or 323.240.2243.

    Riley Schmidt. Owner of Wilton Hilton.

  2. Gary Moss

    I love Jenny Lens!


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