Clash Bassist Paul Simonon: a few photos

These Clash photos are from the 16 Tons Tour. I took these March 3, 1980 at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium and June, 1980 in various English venues

A sweet fan of Paul Simonon just Venmo’d money. She asked about photos of Paul Simonon, bassist of the Clash. I don’t have all these listed for sale, because it’s hard to know what everyone wants. They are high res scanned, good for printing. Instead of merely emailing her, I figured I’d post them.

I always wondered why Paul didn’t become a HUGE rock sex symbol. He had it all!

Clash-Paul-Polaroid-3-3-80. I’ve never offered this for sale, partially cos it’s a Polaroid. But signed! Backstage, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, March 3, 1980.

I am not a huge fan of my Polaroids, a bit soft and blue. Joe Strummer said, in Rolling Stone, that he got a Polaroid camera after he saw a girl taking photos backstage. I was that girl taking photos! I INSPIRED JOE STRUMMER TO BUY A POLAROID CAMERA. You bet I’m shouting. Yeah!!

Clash-Paul-JennyLens-3-3-80. My makeup looks so strong! But I blended it far better than this. I think my skin just faded to the background in photos. And my hair was magenta in the bottom back, but hidden by flash on camera. Also backstage, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, March 3, 1980.

80-03-03-10c-ClashPaul – This is in my book. But soft focus. I was so shaken being so close to him and wanting to take a photo without him knowing, cos I was weird like that. I later realized I’m sure he would have posed for me. So the focus is sharper on the drums. That’s all my high res  scanned images of Paul to make prints. Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, March 3, 1980.

ClashEng80-06-28c-red-1920: MY fave of Paul is the live shot with the red floor. He’s wearing a blue shirt, sweaty and stuck to his chest. Yum. And his legs are wide open, while he’s in the air. Wow. This was supposed to be in the official Clash book. I forgot to email it. Oops. My all time fave shot of the Clash (and one of my all time fave photos ever). You can feel the heat and energy.

The most exciting live band. I am a big political junkie. I love their songs, especially first two releases. Especially The Clash! Whatta debut.

I also love the Ramones, Sex Pistols, X, Blondie, Patti Smith debut LP releases. Stunning! BUT only the Clash really spoke so deeply and accurately about social and political issues, so dear to my heart, all my life.

80-06-15c-ClashEng. I flew to England to photograph the Clash because they played difficult to photograph venues in California, February 1979, October 1979 and March 1980. I wanted to photograph the whole band. English venues had balconies which I needed to get the kind of photos I wanted.

Plus I really wanted the ENERGY of the British fans!! There was a totally different dynamic in Clash audiences in California versus in England.

This photo and the above live group photo were taken in England, June 1980 during their 16 Tons Tour.

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