Jewish Punks 1974-80

Ramones, Sex Pistols, Clash, Patti Smith Group, Lou Reed, photographers, writers, managers were often Jewish punks. I compiled this list in 2005. I have poor Jewdar. I was stunned to find out so early punks were Jewish. Now you can find books, blogs, articles and more. But in 2005, my post was radical! NEW YORK Ramones: Joey [Jeffrey Hyman] RIP, and his brother, Mickey Leigh (who roadied for them). Original drummer Tommy Ramone. Gabba gabba hey, we accept you! Blondie: Chris Stein Blondie and The Know: Gary Valentine [Lachman] Bob Gruen, photographer Danny Fields: Ramones first manager, history starting with the Doors, Iggy, Dolls and so many more. We OWE Danny so much!!! Dictators: Handsome Dick Manitoba [Richard Blum], Andy Shernoff, Scott “Top Ten” Kempner [always so kind to me] and Ross “the Boss” Freidman Lisa Robinson, journalist Lou Reed, Velvet Underground and soloist NOT Lydia Lunch [her email: “Sorry hon, the nose is Sicilian, the name is German. can’t be part of every list.” Birth name Lydia Koch. Ha, I originally wrote I didn’t think she was Jewish, and for once, my hunch was right!] Marty Thau, original manager of the New York Dolls, co-producer of Suicide, owner of Red Star Records, producer of Ramones 1st recordings, record company of Richard Hell’s 2nd album. [Marty was kind enough to write me! What a thrill to hear from him!] Mumps: drummer Paul Rutner and Joe Katz [bass player who replaced Kevin in the Mumps. He went on to be the bass player in Swinging Madisons, Kristian Hoffman’s post-Mumps band]. New York Dolls: Sylvain Sylvain [Steven Mizrahi], Arthur Kane RIP [ need verification,...

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