Engagement on Facebook, Social Media and Lip Service

I am sharing what I wrote in a Facebook group. People are surprised I’ve been attacked online by punk, photographers, writers, marketing people and others. Someone asked for respect in Facebook groups. My response: As for respect, being kind to each other, allowing each of us our own memories and feelings towards anyone in punk, […]

April 1977 When Punk Broke Big in LA with Jenny Lens Punk Photos

 April 1977 was THE month LA punks came out in force. A movement was coalescing. New York, England, San Francisco and LA creatives were changing world music and culture, forever. I was there, photographing everywhere, everything and everyone! We gathered for Cheap Trick opening for the Runaways, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (April 1), opening […]

TRUE LA Early Punk History by MAJOR Photographer!

Punk Stories and Photos, April 9, 2014. Written for a local rag who misquoted me. Here’s what I really wrote: Jenny Lens, MFA was born in West LA and raised in the Valley. I went to the Teenage Fair at the Hollywood Palladium in the 60s, and the Renaissance Faires, 1960s-70s, but otherwise didn’t get […]

Women MUST Credit Other Women!

THIS BREAKS MY HEART! KILLS ME!! WHY don’t women credit OTHER women when they use THEIR art that cost them money and time and was HARDER to create than merely drawing?? WHY do we ONLY honor Performers and Writers, but rarely Photographers? WHY are performers and writers treated better and paid more? Photographers spent MONEY […]

Photos + History: Slides + Galleries Overview

I created these slideshows and galleries for your enjoyment IF you want overview of of my many photos: Punk Pioneers Alphabetical Slider Jenny Lens Rock Photos Overview Punk Photo Collages Photo Store slide show The Masque: Uniquely LA images from the legendary literally underground LA Punk “Clubhouse” If you want specific bands, individuals, events, venues, […]

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