Belinda, Lorna, Go-Go’s and Germs

Belinda wrote: “The following people have each, in some way, made a difference in my life, and I am so grateful… JENNY LENS.” Third line, after two LA pals who are very close to her, JENNY LENS.

I CRY with Gratitude every time I read or think about this. My name above so many famous people from all walks of life. Just re-read Belinda’s great autobio Lips Unsealed: A Memoir. I am thrilled she used ONLY my punk photos, 1977-1980.

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Riot on Sunset and Punk at Whisky

My rebuttal to article claiming Punk saved the Whisky but then talked more about non-punk bands. Minimal about LA Punk bands. I could write a book. Read what I wrote (below or use link) after reading his long article. Why the fashion photo above? Author included photos of English punks with swastikas on their faces. Not in LA! Plus most everyone in the above photo played a VITAL part in bringing punk to life. At the Whisky and elsewhere. Left to right: Terry Graham (Bags drummer and much more), Lorna Doom, Germs bassist, Belinda, future Go-Go and solo performer, ?, Hellin Killer, ?, Pleasant Gehman (who was quoted, as was I). Photographed near the Whisky, on the Sunset Strip, August, 1977. Just another night on the town. LOVELY compliment: “Photographer Jenny Lens, whose work vividly documented the LA scene, wrote in Punk Pioneers…” Yes, I did vividly document and helped create the LA scene. Lots of colorful and vibrant photos. My responses: Where do I start? First, yes, I always said punk brought the Whisky back to life. No argument there. But the stories and photos veer off to include Van Halen (the better to promote his book), Johnny Cougar and Tom Petty. But exclude vital LA Bands? LA PUNKS built and kept the scene alive. Not just the Whisky. The many fanzines and flyers. We promoted and publicized and produced our own shows and good times at the Whisky. No mention. The photos of the punk fans with swastikas on their faces: England. I went out nearly every night and many days, photographing parties, backstage, on the street and shows. Starting August 1976 and ending nearly...

X 1977-1980 Tons of Pix!

SOME NEVER SEEN!! LIKE BEING at the Shows and Parties. Imagine these LARGE! Some in my first LA Punk Mini-Print, Maxi-Collection Set. Maybe my new sets? Want some more? YOU wanna SEE MORE? Pledge to our Fund Raiser and/or Buy Prints and/or Mini-Print, Maxi-Collections. TODAY. My LAST Hurrah. Moving on, unless you put your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Too rude? Well, YOU try doing this mostly alone and NOT FUNDED for decades. Then get back to me. I have other options. Don’t delay. Or they are gone. Have fun. Open your wallets. Lip service won’t put these and more images into YOUR LIFE. Pledge to our Fund Raiser and/or Buy Prints and/or Mini-Print, Maxi-Collections. TODAY. Thank you! Pledge to our Fund Raiser and/or Buy Prints and/or Mini-Print, Maxi-Collections. TODAY. Thank...

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