X 1977-1980 Tons of Pix!

SOME NEVER SEEN!! LIKE BEING at the Shows and Parties. Imagine these LARGE! Some in my first LA Punk Mini-Print, Maxi-Collection Set. Maybe my new sets? Want some more? YOU wanna SEE MORE? Pledge to our Fund Raiser and/or Buy Prints and/or Mini-Print, Maxi-Collections. TODAY. My LAST Hurrah. Moving on, unless you put your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Too rude? Well, YOU try doing this mostly alone and NOT FUNDED for decades. Then get back to me. I have other options. Don’t delay. Or they are gone. Have fun. Open your wallets. Lip service won’t put these and more images into YOUR LIFE. Pledge to our Fund Raiser and/or Buy Prints and/or Mini-Print, Maxi-Collections. TODAY. Thank you! Pledge to our Fund Raiser and/or Buy Prints and/or Mini-Print, Maxi-Collections. TODAY. Thank...

X, 1977-1980

Words cannot express how I feel looking at this collage of my X photos. SO many memories, such great music, being present when songs forming, debuts, evolving, parties, people (too many departed this realm), the dreams, the fullness of living. X were and remain my fave band of all time. Unlike other bands, a woman’s POV is strong in X. Plus the noir side of city of electric lights, my birth city, the City of the Angels [there are devils everywhere.] Tying off our arms, burning down the drugs of life, of survival in this city, full of creatives and yet so antagonistic towards anyone who dares be different or live creatively without money and the perfect figure. It’s who you know, fer sure. Although there’s a lot of personal and professional pain, there’s so many stories in each of these images. These are only a few. The parties, the informal gathering of THE people who changed our music (Joan Jett, Darby Crash of the Germs and others), the creatives (Oscar nominated KK Barrett), and so many others. We created our own fun and in doing so, changed world culture. If these photos could talk … Words can never fully convey what’s in my heart. I hate to say this, but you had to be there. We all have our own take, spinning stories to suit our memories or desires. Some people are distant although so close in the past. Others remote in the past and close now. Some as remote as then. Some in-between. Joyous, crazy, wild times. Feel the fun, the passion, the LIFE in these photos. I’m still desperate, never...

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