Creem Magazine and Photographer Jenny Lens

Creem Magazine was THE ROCK magazine. The best of the best was, without a doubt, Creem. Forget Rolling Stone. Corporate and usually dismissive of Punk. Yes, Creem magazine was the BEST ROCK MAG. Ever. Read on to see they didn’t treat me that well, lost slides, but hey, THEY WERE IT. And Creem, of all the mags, deserves to be honored, remembered and most of all, CELEBRATED. Contribute to the documentary fund-raiser, til August 5, 2016! Creem was one of the few magazines who actually put photographer’s names on their masthead. This is a major list of who’s who of rock photography. Note the author of the Creem book is not listed. Yeah. Ok, so why we MUST have THIS version? The TRUTH. Creem magazine and I started our relationship in early 1976. Let’s start at the beginning. Late 1975, while waiting in line at the grocery store, I glanced at a new magazine called “People.” I lived in the northeast corner of the Valley, in Granada Hills. I stopped when seeing a photo of a rather androgynous looking woman. Quoting Rimbaud. I figured any rock n roller who knows the Symbolist poets is someone I want to know. I will never forget first listening to Patti’s “Horses.” My life was totally and irreversibly changed. I wanted to read everything I could about this new thing called “Punk music.” But mainstream media wasn’t having it. They were not fans. Only a handful of magazines and fanzines were covering punk in late 75 and early 76. I also had a disadvantage because I was out in the Valley. We didn’t get a...

Joe Strummer Remembered

Joe Strummer, Clash, 16 Tons Tour England, June 1980. Incredible!!! Jenny Lens, MFA. IN memory of the BEST freakin’ band I ever saw or shot, pls check out a tiny fraction of my many thousands of Clash photos. Plus other pages, all listed on that page. I can’t begin to list all my fave Clash songs. I think “I’m so bored with the USA” is top of the list. What say YOU? Still stunned we lost Joe Strummer, December 22, 2002. 8 years ago today. So young. So unfair. Random thoughts from my various Facebook postings/comments: Hey Jenny - just have your link copied in my computer and was just going to pop it on my facebook account - prepare to blush - amazing photographer who always catches the essence and passion of the moment - much respect. Thank you Jenny x Mark Cranfield: Oh, I am smiling, and how do you know I really do blush! THANKS for your kind words. “Essence and passion of the moment.” You TRULY describe not only my photos, but my being. So many have said this. Makes all the hard work and sacrifices worth it! Merci!! Happy Holidaze. AND we must remember, I had help: THE BEST ppl to photograph!! The MOST EXCITING, MEMORABLE shows I ever shot were the CLASH!!! OMG, my live shots from England, June 1980, and in CA Feb 79, Oct 79 and March 80. OMG! I wish I had time and money to just scan and post. I have THOUSANDS of shots. Some make me faint they are so amazing!!! I posted a few in some of...

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