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Jenny Lens Bio 2004

Jenny Lens Bio 2004

I wrote this in 2004. My attitude is far better, thanks to SO many great Facebook comments, messages, emails and IRL (in real life) encounters. Enjoy! I was born and raised in LA. I was a shy, introverted adolescent in the wild sixties of Vietnam protests, free love and sex due to the pill and no STDs, no AIDs, women’s liberation and civil rights. But the hippie generation were as messed up as any, far … Read...

Happy 71st Birthday, Bryan Ferry, Sept 26, 2016

I photographed Bryan Ferry, Chris Spedding (cover image on his authorized bio) and Phil Manz… Winterland, 1977. I had NO idea who was Chris Spedding. Later Link Wray. I blew getting some awesome historical shots. I digress. But I always think of them as the shots that got away). Not a fan, don’t know Ferry’s work.Revered and LEGENDARY amongst those whose rock knowledge is superb and taste impeccable. Happy Bday Mr Ferry! (Wonder if Jerry … Read...

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