Memories Make Us Cry

Most think it must be FABulous to spend years examining my punk archive. Prints. Negatives. Slides. Polaroids. Printed articles in magazines. Books. Docs. Letters. Flyers. Songbooks.

The hardest part is reading what I wrote long ago ... and what others write. Hurts so much. Those we lost far too soon. Words never spoken. Photos never taken. And so much more ...

Takes a lotta guts and strength to revisit the past, full of hope and promise. Undertaken by some of us who were not ready for the real world. Certainly Dee Dee. And I. And others.

I managed to live a bit longer. With the support of so many fans, I dive deeply into my archive. But the pain remains. Then I turn on the music and get back to work.

Questioningly sounds so much like Dee Dee. I know Ramones shared credit, but this sounds exactly like the Dee Dee I knew. So sensitive, perceptive, insightful. Except about how much we adored and admired him.

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