Belinda, Lorna, Go-Go’s and Germs

Belinda wrote: “The following people have each, in some way, made a difference in my life, and I am so grateful… JENNY LENS.” Third line, after two LA pals who are very close to her, JENNY LENS.

I CRY with Gratitude every time I read or think about this. My name above so many famous people from all walks of life. Just re-read Belinda’s great autobio Lips Unsealed: A Memoir. I am thrilled she used ONLY my punk photos, 1977-1980.

Belinda knows so many due to her career (as a Go-Go and solo) and world travels. Plus people she met with husband Morgan Mason (wow is he fascinating too!). Deepak Chopra was a client of Morgan’s. Whatta gift that was! Loved reading about her talks with him.

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My fave photo of two good pals, Belinda Carlisle and Lorna Doom (of the Germs). Lorna told me Belinda made the leopard pattern clothing she’s wearing.  Belinda wrote her mother made many of her clothes, from the time she was a child.

My last time photographing them was at a party, England, June 1980. I never met nor photographed Kathy Valentine.

This is my fave photo of Belinda and Lorna, ever. Together or separately, this photo touches my heart deeply.

I am so grateful! WHOLE page of Acknowledgements. LOVE it and her! Sad reality: when it comes to thank you, credit or payment, most performers ‘forget.’ Not Belinda. Whatta sweetie.

READ Lips Unsealed: A Memoir! She’s very brave to share so much. She discusses sad, negative feelings I captured in many photos. Anyone can see it in her eyes.

This is a joyful photo.

Two very sweet, talented women who changed the world with their music! I am honored to call them my friends and also created a wonderful photo archive of our early punk years. We had a blast! 🙂

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