FTC Affiliate Marketing Disclaimer

When you click on some of my links, and you make a purchase, I may make money for helping to spread the word. The ONLY products I ever link are those I have personally used and recommend. Right now, I am not marketing anyone else’s products.

I do offer an Affiliate Program. Punk fans have been kind and helped tell people about my photos and products. I’ve always wanted to reward them. Now that I have Affiliate software, I can offer this program.

IF you are interested, please read Affiliate Info. Thank you and keep on rockin’!

Further disclosure per FTC: reporting gifts, coupons, other stuff. I provided a few free memberships to people who helped me out through the years. I needed them to test my site. But my gift coupons did not come with enforceable strings attached. Only one gave me needed feedback (coupon didn’t work. When troubleshooting, I realized I needed to set the start date and then it worked. So much to learn!).

It is standard procedure to gift software testers since the early 1990s. That’s all I was doing. With one result.