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If you like posting on social media, groups, blogs, email, whatever, and you PROMISE to be respectful to everyone, I would love to work with you. I have worked for years for NO money, gone into great debt, just to preserve and share my photos and stories.

But I always feel people should be paid for their work. That is why Affiliate Marketing is perfect! When people buy using YOUR link, you get a piece of the action. Money. But to understand how this works, you MUST read my tips and the Affiliate Agreement. We have to follow laws of the land.

I simply do not have time to post and create all the FAB podcasts, photos, vids and more I want to share with punk fans. Also, some people are brutal to me, especially in Facebook and elsewhere. That really deflates and angers me.

Don’t these fools realize I just want to share True Tall Tales? They should STFU.

(Oh, if you have problems with sex n drugs n rock n roll n swearing, this is not a good fit for you!)

The more time I save when YOU share this info, the more info I can share.

THIS IS DETAILED, but it’s really simple.

1 – Use my watermarked photos and stories, the link where the photo/story is, and your affiliate link.

2 – Post when something is trending. Also post once or twice a day, every day, if possible.

3 – Be polite, be kind, and don’t engage or respond to people looking for a fight! Just move on!

4 – Look on my ROCK PHOTOS page, not just Punk photos. Rock fans spend money too! (I’m not a fan of everyone I shot or posted. But I love when people buy photos of THEIR faves. I’m glad I made them happy!

5 – IF you post any Affiliate Links on your site and emails, you MUST include a disclaimer that when people click on a link and purchase something, you make money. You can find this text on many sites. Find what works for you and use it. We have to follow government rules!


1 – VITAL that you never ever post a photo of mine unless it has my name on it!!! You would not believe how many companies steal my photos. Just this week I discovered PBS stole yet another photo! The Screamers in the Street.

You MUST use ONLY photos I have posted with watermarks. That means MY NAME IS ON THEM somewhere.

2 – To make money, DO NOT post a lot of items at once and then forget about it. Set an alarm or schedule once or maybe twice a day, you will post a photo, story and link. Do that every day.

See what time people tend to comment or share. IF you can find a good time, try to post same time.

3 – Also, if you are in a discussion or see a thread or trending, that’s a great time to post!

I just saw Mick Jagger trending on Twitter today because the Stones are on tour. YOU might not care about the Stones or Led Zep or KISS, but when they are in the news, YOU can make money by posting and helping me make sales!

I was too busy updating this site to post my gorgeous live photos of Mick Jagger and also Keith. Imagine if YOU posted  cos Stones fans have money and are collectors!

4 – Look on my ROCK photos page too! Let’s get my photos and stories out into the world and make some money!

Please follow these tips. I’ve studied marketing for years. You cannot make money by just posting whatever whenever.

Go with the flow, the conversations, books, docs, awards … and spread the word!

5 – NEVER be rude to someone. Don’t even try to defend me or get into an argument over my photos, my stories or my person. Just move on. Trolls just love arguing. I don’t want my name involved in fruitless pissing in the river, who has the biggest d …

6 – Please don’t bombard a group or whatever with many repetitive posts or be too pushy. Be enthusiastic, but people can get so hostile over the slightest things these days. A little goes a long way. Just make whatever you post or comment on fun. (that’s a hard one for me, cos I get frustrated at the nasty people out there. Another reason why YOU could do better than I.)

7 – Upon receiving your Affiliate approval and login info, READ THE AGREEMENT. There are LAWS regarding Affiliate. Ignorance is no excuse if you violate laws of the land or the affiliate software. THAT includes the disclaimer about links which lead to making money, as stated earlier.

8 – Violations are subject to being blocked from my life.

I have to run this professionally. So let’s play by these guidelines, help make people happy, make some money and get on with our lives. Good times, ok!

THANK YOU. Keep on rockin’!

Jenny Lens, MFA, who just wants to share True Tall Tales with Photos to Prove it!