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I am so confused. I can’t figure out WHEN I listened to rock music as a teen in the 60’s. I immediately start singing and dancing the minute I hear a very vague note from Trader Joe’s speakers. Yesterday, I was dancing and singing along, as usual, but an older man started dancing next to me. An older woman told me I was a very good dancer. I smiled and thanked her. I wasn’t rockin’ out like at home, a party or when I took rock photos (wild woman!). But I KNOW this music and lyrics. To a certain point. 

I also watched old films, although they weren’t on TV all the time. Plus some TV shows. Tons of homework, cooked and cleaned after dinner, no watching TV or listening to music then.

So when did I listen all the time to music? I was always making art, making my clothes, making something. But I could also watch TV and old movies.

I can’t figure it out. I know I did. When I read this article about LA Radio stations in 1960s, I recognized many of the DJs. So when did I listen?

I sure loved rock n roll. I was surprised I became a rather major photographer in my genre. Who knew? The signs were there. 

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