Welcome to Punk Pioneers Photos by Jenny Lens, most published early west coast photog, 1976-80 only.

A few fan fave photos, published, exhibited and collected ...

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  • Joe Strummer, the Clash, March 4, 1980, Santa Monica Civic backstage and pal Dee Dee Ramone, Feb 1977, Whisky backstage with Jenny Lens

  • Iggy Pop with Jenny Lens. Deets in my PunkPioneers.club when relaunched. Sign my mailing list so you don't miss out.

  • I flew to England to shoot X's first Brit tour BUT MOSTLY to shoot the Clash cos they played sucky venues in California!! Exene, John Doe and Claude "Kick Boy" Bessy formerly of Slash magazine, June 1980

  • The Clash, 16 Tons Tour, England June 1980

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