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Welcome to Punk Pioneers, Photos and Stories from Jenny Lens, MFA.
MOST published early west coast photographer, first gen, 1976-80.
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Check out my VIDEOS. Here’s my infamous LA Library presentation and at Shepard Fairey’s gallery. Click for more Videos!

Talking about my photos at Shepard Fairey’s Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die, Subliminal Projects. I was ONLY woman and earliest punk photographer in the exhibit. 2/25-3/26/2010. 2:46.

See tons of pix and hear untold stories about the birth of LA punk, interacting with New York and British bands, parties and good times. Lots here, so sit back and enjoy!! LA Library, January 10, 2015. 1 hr, 47 minutes of cool pix and stories.

Germs bassist Lorna Doom left us, January 16, 2019, (I was told due to cancer). Everyone loved her. Lorna aka Terry aka Teresa Ryan was sweet, quiet, fun, beautiful. Lorna was X’sWhite Girl.” She was an essential participant in the very earliest days and nights of punk. I met and photographed her in early 1977. I last saw her was when a Germs film was released awhile. Such fond memories of a lovely woman.

My other shock: MY PHOTOS OF LORNA were the MOST seen online. You never know how nor which image you create will live on and resonate for decades. I had no idea my photo of Lorna in the trash can would become SO iconic. While I struggle to keep my punk photo archive alive while creating Workshops to share what I’ve learned. I love to share because no one should live as I have. Such acclaimed work and … it’s been hard because it costs so much time, money, energy, stamina and self-motivation to do what I do.

NO credit in 99.9% of posted images. Certainly no payment. “Story of My Life.” I sure can relate to that Social Distortion song. With my own lyrics and true tales. “And good times come and good times go. I only wish the good times would last a little longer…”

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Germs vids with my photos: Germs Rise and Fall Vids with Jenny Lens Punk Photos and Germs Short Vid with Jenny Lens Punk Photos. Lorna Doom, aka Teresa Ryan, RIP. Thanks for the memories.

Lorna Doom, Germs, Darby Crash, Belinda Carlisle, Jenny Lens

Lorna Doom, Germs, Darby Crash, Belinda Carlisle

Testimonials from now infamous punks. My pals and fellow collaborators and contributors in early days and nights of REAL PUNK.

"I considered Jenny Lens as important as any band. We never thanked her back then. Thank you, Jenny" ~ John Denney, Weirdos lead singer and songwriter.
John Denney
"I wish you luck on everything you do and on that website. You were one of the major players from those years. Would be a tragedy if your photos weren't given the platform they deserve. I will hold only good thoughts and wishes for that." ~ Belinda
Belinda Carlisle / Go-Go's
"Jenny Lens knows the stories behind her photos. She's the genius behind so many classic photos. Jenny's a great photojournalistic historian of the period. Her photos made me the punk legend I am!" ~ Hellin Killer aka Helena Alicia Roessler
Hellin Killer
"Jenny Lens is the legendary punk photographer who shot some of the most iconic images of Patti Smith, The Ramones, The Screamers and so many others. She is one of the unsung heroines of the movement. Enjoy!" ~Alice Bag, legendary punk singer and Latina icon. Read Jenny's interview in About section.
Alice Bag
Debbie Harry told me she was so proud of me when my photos appeared in New York Rocker. Whisky backstage, April 14, 1977.
Debbie Harry
Patti Smith called me "The Girl with the Camera Eye." Shouted from LA's Roxy stage, pointing to me, Nov 15, 1976. Patti told me "She still dares other photographers to take better photos than I." The Roxy, August 2002.
Patti Smith
“Jenny, you are the only photographer who takes photos while high on acid which are better than more well known photographers.” ~ Exene

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JENNY LENS Collection at Rock Roll Repeat.
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