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Click to see a few of my classic beloved, published, exhibited Punk Pioneers photos:

  • Rolling Stones, Mick, Ronnie, Keith, Houston, TX, July 19, 1978, Jenny Lens MFA
    Rolling Stones, Mick, Ronnie, Keith, Houston, TX, July 19, 1978, Jenny Lens MFA

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Lemme entertain YOU! While you gain clarity and pick up a few new tricks. Different way of seeing things. Thinking. Creating. Enjoying the process. Grow. Great for biz. Art. Social.

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"Jenny Lens is the legendary punk photographer who shot some of the most iconic images of Patti Smith, The Ramones, The Screamers and so many others. She is one of the unsung heroines of the movement. Enjoy!" ~Alice Bag, legendary punk singer and Latina icon. Read Jenny's interview in About section.
Alice Bag
"I wish you luck on everything you do and on that website. You were one of the major players from those years. Would be a tragedy if your photos weren't given the platform they deserve. I will hold only good thoughts and wishes for that." ~ Belinda
Belinda Carlisle / Go-Go's
"I considered Jenny Lens as important as any band. We never thanked her back then. Thank you, Jenny" ~ John Denney, Weirdos lead singer and songwriter.
John Denney
“Jenny, you are the only photographer who takes photos while high on acid which are better than more well known photographers.” ~ Exene
Patti Smith called me "The Girl with the Camera Eye." Shouted from LA's Roxy stage, pointing to me, Nov 15, 1976. Patti told me "She still dares other photographers to take better photos than I." The Roxy, August 2002.
Patti Smith
Debbie Harry told me she was so proud of me when my photos appeared in New York Rocker. Whisky backstage, April 14, 1977.
Debbie Harry
"Jenny Lens knows the stories behind her photos. She's the genius behind so many classic photos. Jenny's a great photojournalistic historian of the period. Her photos made me the punk legend I am!" ~ Hellin Killer aka Helena Alicia Roessler
Hellin Killer

My photos have been seen all over the world in major projects like Joan Jett’s Rock Hall of Fame induction, New York’s Metropolitan Museum Punk Couture catalog, Experience Music Project, Grammy Museum, and more. Plus collected by top rock performers and people like YOUBooks, magazines, fanzines, documentaries, CD and DVD packages, record covers and more. Plus clothing and other products. Some licensed, some bootlegged by others.

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Talking about my photos at Shepard Fairey’s Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die, Subliminal Projects. I was ONLY woman and earliest punk photographer in the exhibit. 2/25-3/26/2010. 2:46.

See tons of pix and hear untold stories about the birth of LA punk, interacting with New York and British bands, parties and good times. Lots here, so sit back and enjoy!! LA Library, January 10, 2015. 2:01:44.

Yummy Photos

Small sample of published and famous photos by Jenny Lens, MFA
Photo Collage #1 Coolest Photos
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Could This Be Art? Sunset Blvd 1977
Punk Fashion Collage #1 LA Punks Were Stylin'!
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LA Punk Fashions, 1976-1980
Punk Fashion Collage #2 Hot Times in Hot Town
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The Clash! 16 Tons Tour, England, June 1980. Transcendent. Jenny Lens MFA.
Clash, England, June 1980 Last Gang in Town
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Joe Strummer, Clash, 16 Tons Tour England, June 1980. Incredible. Jenny Lens MFA
Clash, Joe Strummer, June 1980 Exciting. Memorable.
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Joe Strummer, Clash, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium March 3, 1980. Jenny Lens MFA
Clash, Joe Strummer, 3-3-80 Clash Santa Monica. OMG.
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Germs Darby Crash 1977-80
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Screamers Collage
Screamers Collage My Fave LA Band
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Screamers Before Debut
Screamers Before Debut Stockin' Up before Show Time
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Screamers LIVE!
Screamers LIVE! Famous Photo
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X Collage
X Collage We're Desperate
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Wattles Bday Party
Wattles Bday Party Tomata's Bday 5-28-78
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