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Joe Strummer, lead singer and songwriter of the Clash, 1980. SMC. Dee Dee Ramone, bassist and songwriter of the Ramones, Jenny Lens, MFA, Whisky, 1977. (Songs written by members of both groups.)

Hi! Please enjoy some of my photos and memories of the earliest days and nights of punk, focused on the west coast, especially LA. I’ve worked very hard and sacrificed a lot to create, preserve and share this archive.

This cultural revolution was the last American era of true bohemians. We could rock out and/or party every night and make art every day, and still live decently. Then life changed during the 1980s. Things got more expensive, bleak, and mass media intruded in our private lives.

Now we have tech tools, so use them wisely! (LEARN marketable up-to-date skills! Not just social media trendy crap.)  The need and ability to create is always present in each of us. IF we believe and work at it. Up to yo

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JENNY LENS Collection at Rock Roll Repeat.
Great designs using MY photos and Josh Shame’s great designs.

My photos have been seen all over the world in major projects like Joan Jett’s Rock Hall of Fame induction, New York’s Metropolitan Museum Punk Couture catalog, Experience Music Project, Grammy Museum, and more. Plus collected by top rock performers and people like YOUBooks, magazines, fanzines, documentaries, CD and DVD packages, record covers and more. Plus clothing and other products. Some licensed, some bootlegged by others.

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